ApeSwap’s Non-Fungible Ape NFT Auction Heats up After First Ape Sells for Nearly 10 BNB

Almost 50 auctions are loaded for non-stop selling of the final NFAs.

Non-Stop Auction

ApeSwaps non-fungible ape (NFA) auction has got off to a flying start, with digital ape non-fungible tokens (NFT) selling for significant sums.

The auctions began on July 31st at 22:00 UTC and remain ongoing. There are 46 consecutive auctions to occur in total according to the ApeSwap Tweet released on July 30th.

The first auction has concluded with an NFA selling for about 10 BNB. The second auction is already underway and the bid is currently at $4500 for Sleepy Ape #981.

“After 24.5 hours our first NFA Auction has closed” announced the recent ApeSwap Tweet. The post followed up with details regarding the NFA:
“Sold --> Tier 1 Mammoth Ape (9.469 BNB) 
Up Next -> Tier 2 Sleep Ape (Live)”


Current Auction

The latest auction of NFAs is the final 46 apes. Only one auction can proceed at a time, with an initial time allotment of 24 hours. 

When the timer enters the final six hours, a new bid adds half an hour to the timer. This can happen a maximum of 12 times, adding up to six hours. When one auction ends, another begins immediately.

“Once all remaining NFAs have been auctioned off, we’ll open up the Auction House to all NFA holders,” as ApeSwap explains.


The starting bid for all non-fungible apes is 1 BNB. For a new bid to be accepted, it must be +0.1 BNB or +1% of the current proposal, whichever is higher.

The Beginning

With the end in sight for ApeSwap auctions, users will soon be able to use the auction room to sell their apes on the secondary market. Auctioneers will be able to customize the terms of their auctions, including starting bid parameters, auction length, and bid time extensions. 

What is ApeSwap?‍

ApeSwap is a top name in the BSC network. It is the leading DEX on the BSC, which offers users the best trading experience. ApeSwap is a blend of a decentralized exchange, yield farming, staking, and an automated market maker (AMM)

ApeSwap users are urged to partake in its liquidity pool offerings via yield farming to earn its native BANANA token. What’s more, these earned tokens can be used to stake and earn other tokens and unlock deluxe features. 

Learn more about ApeSwap at the following resources:

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Source : bsc.news

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