ApeSwap Wins Group A in Battle of the Dapps

A recap of the first round in the latest iteration of Battle of the Dapps.

ApeSwap Moves on to the Grand Finale

Group A of Battle of the Dapps is now in the books!

After an intense battle between three worthy contestants in ApeSwapBSC Station, and Coin Racer, ApeSwap was able to claim the points necessary to advance to the Grand Finale. The popular vote was won by Coin Racer by a narrow 2%, while ApeSwap won both judges’ votes due to its inter-chain operability and innovation in staying ahead of potential user concerns.

Below is a quick recap of what went down in this exciting first round!

Discussing Security

The first set of questions revolved around project security. ApeSwap’s rep explained their awareness of community concerns, and how they carefully monitor every new feature introduced into their ecosystem, including audits and extensive in-house testing. Coin Racer’s rep discussed how Solidity – the language their game is built on, has well-known exploitable flaws that they have addressed in development, and their recent hire of a cybersecurity specialist. BSC Station’s rep revealed that their launchpad only accepts applicants with a working product that has also been audited, as well as requiring applicants to KYC.

“Everything that we do, everything that we put out is audited by our team internally, and ultimately we measure that 5, 6, 7 times and are constantly looking after that,” the speaker from ApeSwap explained.

Discussing Longevity

The next set of questions was centered on longevity. BSC Station’s rep discussed their recent V2 launch that brings new user-friendly features, as well as their dedication to choosing to launch projects with a focus on long-term goals. Coin Racer’s rep explained that their team has run countless simulations that predict future success, and that they are working to bring in outside revenue streams to support the continued success of the game. ApeSwap’s rep explained that their focus is adjusting their offerings to serve their community and providing sustainable liquidity, while making sure that development doesn’t get oversaturated.

“BSC Station is a long-term project,” the BSC Station speaker noted. “We have been around the market for a while, and we aspire to be here for a long time.”

Discussing Community

The final set of questions from BSC News was based on community. Coin Racer’s rep detailed its ground-up platform redesign that is inspired by Mario Kart and Twisted Metal and how they seek to create a family-friendly party-style game that appeals to a wide audience – not just the Web3 community. ApeSwap’s rep dived into how their community supported them before the product was fully refined, and how they focus on creating a safe and fun environment for the community that reflects demand. BSC Station’s rep praised the loyalty of their community, and explained that they seek start-ups with a strong community when selecting new launchpad projects.

“In terms of the challenges that are faced, it’s really breaking the stigma of Web3 that really plagues the gaming space right now,” the Coin Racer speaker proposed. “And what we’re doing, as I mentioned, is utilizing education through this process.”

Projects Asking Projects

The projects also asked each other questions with no specific theme, touching on individual challenges that each project faces.

Check out the recording of the event to hear the full questions and responses from the projects!

BSC News would like to thank all three participants in Group A for their involvement. DeFi is driven by innovation, and every project participating in Battle of the Dapps has proven its commitment to furthering the growth of the space. BSC News would also like to thank the sponsor of Battle of the Dapps, the premium auditor and Web3 security specialist company CertiK!

Group B, comprised of NEST Protocol, MicroPets, and NodeReal, will be competing on October 24th at 7:00 PM UTC. Follow the official BSC News Twitter account to receive updates on the event and tune in to the official Twitter Space!

Source : bsc.news

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