ApeSwap Team Continues to Expand, Providing In-Depth Information Regarding the Team

The ApeSwap team has added its newest member, Reckon, who will join the company as the ApeSwap Community Growth Strategist.

Planet of the Apes

ApeSwap continues to grow and expand, with 25 team members now part of their ever stronger monkey troop. They announced their latest hire of Reckon as their Community Growth Strategist via Twitter on July 6th.

ApeSwap may still be a relatively young Automated Market Maker (AMM). It has already firmly established itself as a significant player within the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem. Currently the protocol has a total value locked of $229 million, sandwiching it between the on-ramping service and stableswap of Nerve Finance ($207 million), and fellow AMM and Non-Fungible-Token (NFT) market BakerySwap ($245 million).

While ApeSwap has made a feature of being the fun loving platform where users are invited to “ape in”, the progress which the company has demonstrated so far proves that this particular exchange is not here to simply monkey around. 


The ApeSwap Team

ApeSwap has now released a full list of its team members with contact details for all. This not only gives the community the opportunity to get in touch with the most relevant member of staff, but provides a useful reference point as to which accounts are held by genuine ApeSwap staff members.


ApeGuru — Expert Full Stack Developer

ApeTastic — Expert Smart Contract Developer

Harambe Nakamoto — Tokenomics, Analytics and Engineering

DK — Business Development and Marketing

Obie Dobo — King of the Community Jungle

Core Team 

Rafiki — Chief Marketing Officer and newest ApeSwap team member

Julian — NFA Lead and Business Development Manager

Apegineer — DEX Analyst and Business Development Manager

Chimpin Chip — Community Director & ApeTV Host

Jim Ben — Community Director

Raul — Full Stack Dev

IM$ — Branding and UX/UI Lead

Biko — Backend Dev and Innovation Lead

ApeelingApe — Front End Developer

Koen — BSC Subgraph Expert

Luisa Roberts — Influencer Marketing

Diddy Kong — Social Media Director

Monolith — Business Development Associate

Tarzan — Business Development Associate

Reckon — Community Growth Strategist

Community Team 

Natty Sanuk — Ape Queen and DJ Peelz

Klaus — Community Manager & Smart Ape

Kong Kyle — Team Cheerleader

Surfstyk — Community Manager

Lee O — Strategic Advisor Ape

Ape On In

While the ApeSwap team already has a substantial team in place, the protocol continues to search for fresh talent. If you think you have something to offer, ApeSwap has invited users to message anyone from the founding team to get the ball rolling.

Source : bsc.news

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