ApeSwap Posts Next NonFungibleApes NFT Auction as NFA Dwindles

ApeSwap lists the next ten NonFungibleApe collections, leaving limited NFTs available for auction.

ApeSwap Lists New NFAs For Auction 

ApeSwap’Non-fungible Token (NFT) auctions continue to heat up. As a result, the multi-chain Decentralized Exchange (DEX) has dropped a new NonFungibleApes (NFA) set for users to start bidding on. 

The next auction will feature ten NFAs. NFAs are the native NFT of the popular DEX. ApeSwap announced the upcoming auction on 10th September via Twitter, calling users to grab an opportunity to obtain a piece of the hottest NFT collection on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). 

“The next 10 #NonFungibleApes line up is live on our auction page,” ApeSwap DEX published. “Golden opportunity to own a piece of the hottest NFT collection on BSC. Only 16 more #NFA’s left for auction!” 

BSC News reported the first auction on 2nd August, which featured 46 NFAs, and the latest auction round is running similarly. The latest NFA auction is ongoing, and interested users can start bidding by visiting the auctions page


The Story So Far

Since the start of ApeSwap’s NFA auctions, huge sales have been recorded. The first auction saw an NFA sell out for about 10 BNB. As obtained from the auctions page, the last NFA sold out for a staggering 18.218 BNB. 

As of this writing, the latest NFA auction for Hearty Ape #985 has received its highest bid worth 8.30 BNB, with under an hour left before the auction ends. Judging by past occurrences, a higher bid may prevail. 

The last NFA sold out for $7502.78 | Source

NFA auctions will soon be over with just 16 NFAs left, according to ApeSwap’s post on Twitter. However, all attention lies in the newest set of NFAs coming soon on ApeSwap. 

About ApeSwap 

ApeSwap is a top name in the BSC network. It is the leading DEX on BSC, which offers users the best trading experience. ApeSwap is a blend of a decentralized exchange, yield farming, staking, and an automated market maker (AMM). 

ApeSwap users are urged to partake in its liquidity pool offerings via yield farming to earn its native BANANA token. What’s more, these earned tokens can be used to stake and earn other tokens and unlock deluxe features.

For more information about ApeSwap, visit the platform’s media links: 

Website | Twitter |Medium | Telegram

Source : bsc.news

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