Apeswap Officially Launches on Polygon

As part of their #HOTDEFISUMMERApeswap one of the biggest AMM on BSC and a favourite of apes everywhere, has decided to go cross chain to the Polygon Matic Network. Polygon has seen a surge of interest in recent weeks and a few other projects have actually extended their offer on both BSC and Polygon already.

Apeswap is well known for pushing the boundaries and trying to be creative and they definitely did that here, by deciding to go big and bring some of their fellow apes to the party. They have actually recruited 10 of the projects that work within the Apeswap family to branch out in Polygon, all with the official support of Polygon!

Soon JDI Yield or Astronaut for example will be available on both chains – the full list and official announcement from the Apeswap team available here: ape-swap.medium.com/apeswap-expands-to-polygon-with-ten-partner-projects-7f074e05675

This includes three yield farms, a vault, a launchpad, a dashboard, an NFT marketplace, an NFT project, as well as a leveraged trading platform.

Indeed, not only will they expand, but they fully intend to create an entire DeFi ecosystem on Polygon, while continually innovating on Binance Smart Chain, and laying out the groundwork to become a premier multi-chain DEX.

The team believes that the future is multi-chain and that branching out might be the key to creating sustainable momentum for DeFi on both Polygon AND Binance Smart Chain.

Source : bsctimes

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