ApeSwap Announces NFA Staking For Late October

The proposed date for launching the NFA staking pools has drawn mixed reactions from the ApeSwap community.

Late October Target For NFA Staking 

After announcing plans to add utility to Non-fungibleApes (NFA) holders, ApeSwap has set its sights on commencing some projects in late October. The multi-chain Decentralized Exchange (DEX) earlier announced the launch of NFA use-cases, including the most anticipated NFA staking pools. 

ApeSwap looks to build on the successful NFA auction, seeing the protocol record a significant milestone on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). However, the NFA auction is just a buildup to the upcoming integrations for users, beginning with the NFA staking pool and a self-serve auction house in late October. 

“The auction may be over, but the fun is just beginning! #NonFungibleApes,” the DEX teased users on 3rd October via Twitter. “Reminder that the #NFA staking pool & self-serve auction house will go live late October.” 


As we previously published on 25th September, ApeSwap has numerous NFA utility plans. However, many users are more concerned about the NFA staking pool. As a result, ApeSwap’s decision to launch the new feature has drawn mixed reactions amongst followers on Twitter, with the majority suggesting an early scheduled launch. 

“Late October? We need NFA staking pool, it should be higher priority than the self serve auction,” Crayalier questioned the DEX’s decision on Twitter. 

Biggest NFT Auction On BSC? 

It will be somewhat disappointing if we don’t talk about ApeSwap’s successful NFA auction. The protocol recorded a huge milestone on 2nd October after selling out an NFA (Colossal Ape) for a whopping 327 BNB ($138k).

ApeSwap announced the mammoth sale on 2nd October through Twitter while congratulating the winning bidder. 

“Colossal Ape is sold! Could this be the highest #NFT sale on @BinanceChain? #NonFungible Apes,” tweeted ApeSwap. “Congrats to the winning bidder who won with a bid of 326.969 $BNB ($138k USD).” 

Perhaps, the incredible sale may be the most expensive Non-fungible token (NFT) sold on BSC. In addition, it makes ApeSwap’s NFA auction the biggest on the network and occupies a considerable spot in the entire NFT market. 


About ApeSwap 

ApeSwap is a leading DEX on the BSC, which offers users the best trading experience. ApeSwap is a blend of a decentralized exchange, yield farming, staking, and an automated market maker (AMM). ApeSwap users are urged to partake in its liquidity pool offerings via yield farming to earn its native BANANA token. What’s more, these earned tokens can be used to stake and earn other tokens and unlock deluxe features. 

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