ApeLabs Revolutionizes Education for Web3 and Blockchain

Anyone looking to learn about DeFi and crypto will find in ApeLabs a one-stop shop for blockchain education.

Ape-like Focus on Education

ApeLabs has embarked on a mission to bridge the gap in blockchain literacy. ApeLabs is a subsidiary of DeFi protocol, ApeSwap, and its mandate is to provide affordable formal crypto education and help expand blockchain adoption. In a podcast on March 2, BSC News had a chat with the ApeLabs team. Here we present snippets from that podcast and a general review of ApeLabs. 

You wouldn’t be far off the mark if you call ApeLabs a Crypto University. The platform has a curriculum delivered via online classes by experts proficient in each subject area. Of course, there’s some tuition to pay! After successful completion of the program, participants receive unique NFT certificates. ApeLabs outlined its vision in a Medium post back on September 25, 2021:

“What we’ve noticed is a market-wide desire to provide & receive education about DeFi, but incredibly poor execution in doing so. There is no standardization of curriculum or means of instruction. . . We’re looking to change that now. ApeLabs will begin offering online classes designed to educate new entrants & the entrenched alike. We believe this unique model will help prepare participants to safely maneuver within crypto markets,” ApeLabs stated in the post.


Format of Curriculum

The complete ApeLabs curriculum comprises 8 Labs: DeFi, NFT, Risk Management, Operational Security, Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Intro to DeFi Coding and Github, and Project Management.


Each Lab lasts for one week with more than 15 hours of live instruction, creative assignments, collaborations with Lab mates, etc. 

The tuition fee for each lab is $175 worth of ApeSwap’s $BANANA token or other accepted assets, that is, $1,400 for the complete curriculum.

The Flex Labs curriculum is a curated approach focused on particular topics. Typically, they have a shorter duration than the standard labs. Flex Lab’s current topics include Crypto Meme Culture, NFT 500, etc.

Flex Labs also collaborates with other protocols to deliver content native to those protocols: an upcoming collaboration with Chainlink that would teach Oracles in a new lab on March 15.

Creative Web3 NFT Utility

Usually, payment for ApeLabs tuition can be made using crypto assets like BANANA, USDC, BUSD, DAI, ALGO, LINK across BNB Chain, Polygon, Algorand, and Ethereum networks. However, ApeLabs is opening up a unique collaboration with some NFT protocols, which will make it possible for people to pay their tuition by staking NFTs.

For example, NFT protocol LabRats will mint 696 NFT Rats on March 12. Anyone who mints a Rat can stake it with ApeLabs and obtain free access to the Complete ApeLabs Certification or Flex Labs. The best part of it is that the Rats are not burned after staking: the owners receive back their rats after completing or withdrawing from their studies. 

Before ApeLabs came along, anyone wishing to learn the rudiments of DeFi relied on random YouTube videos and tutorials scattered all over the Internet. It was challenging to find one platform with all the resources necessary to get one sufficiently grounded in crypto literacy. This is where ApeLabs is setting the pace in Crypto Education, which will help to advance crypto adoption in no small measure.

Where to find ApeLabs:

Website | Twitter | YouTube

Source : bsc.news

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