ApeLabs LabRats NFT Mint Goes Live

The NFT collection integrates knowledge on ApeLabs, going beyond regular NFTs that only offer tokens for staking.

ApeLabs Debuts Education-based LabRats NFTs on BNB Chain 

After introducing its first Non-fungible Token (NFT) series on Algorand—Mushies, ApeLabs has shifted to BNB Chain. The protocol has launched its unique NFT utility project, LabRats, on the popular network. 

LabRats is the protocol’s first series on BNB Chain with education-based utility. The NFT utility incorporates knowledge at ApeLabs. Thus, LabRats holders can receive formal crypto education for free on ApeLabs. 

“Did you know? A #LabRat can be used for tuition more than once! A project could use a collection of Rats to educate their team in groups,” LabRats’ Twitter page disclosed on March 10. 


The unique NFT, which comprises 696 algorithmically generated rats, is available on the NFTKEY Marketplace. Currently, users can only view the NFTs on the NFTKEY marketplace. However, minting will commence shortly, as seen in the protocol’s Twitter page. ApeLabs announced that the NFTs would be released on March 12. 

According to the protocol’s webpage, staking LabRats with ApeLabs will give users certification worth $1,400 for free. Additionally, users can also attend free classes via Flex Labs on refined topics in the industry when they stake LabRats. The best part of owning these NFTs is that owners receive them back when they withdraw or complete their studies. 

The idea of using NFTs to receive crypto education is an excellent innovation by ApeLabs. The NFT space is already limited to offering users NFTs for staking to receive tokens or similar monetary rewards, and ApeLabs is bringing something entirely different to revolutionize the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space. Visit the LabRats NFT page to learn more about the features and utility. Also, BSC News has an article to understand the protocol better. Check it out HERE. 

What is ApeLabs? 

ApeLabs is a subsidiary of ApeSwap. The protocol aims at providing affordable formal crypto education and helping expand the adoption of blockchain. In essence, the protocol can be referred to as a Crypto University because users can pay to receive crypto education and receive NFT certification. 

Where to find ApeLabs: 

Website | Twitter | Youtube

Source : bsc.news

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