BSCNews Hosts 1st “AMAchella,” an Ask me Anything with Seven of the Largest Decentralized Exchanges

The first-ever BSC News AMAchella occurred on Telegram, and seven of the largest projects on BSC popped in to answer questions and give insight about their projects – with a surprising twist from the former Wault representative.

Successful First AMAchella

In what could become a flagship event from BSC.News, our site hosted an Ask Me Anything on Telegram. Representatives from the different groups fielded six questions from the AMA host, including general queries and more project-related ones. A total of seven projects participated. 


The AMA began at 3pm UTC on 12 July and lasted for three hours. Over 1700 users attended and BSC News gave a few lucky attendees giveaways of up to $200 for question submissions that were used. Two winners, @Vazdrop and @not_a_xero, won $200 for their great questions. Another six users received $50 for their project-specific questions.

The full transcript of the event can be found on the official BSC News Telegram. The AMA was conducted in English. The quality of projects in this AMA was promising, and all projects are BUIDLers with growing ambitions.

Project Details and Community News

The seven participating projects:

ApeSwap – represented by Co-founder Obie Dobo

BakerySwap – represented by the Lead Community Manager, Mean 

HyperJump – represented by Glitch, the Project Manager

JetSwap – represented by Miro, the founder, and CEO

LaunchZone – represented by C.L., the Head of Business Development

OpenOcean – represented by Mathias, Community Tech Lead

Wault Finance – represented by former Chief Marketing Officer, Marcelo

The projects described their respective development teams to help keep their projects running smoothly. The group all revealed an impressive list of members and experts that make these some of the top projects on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Teams also detailed information about their major achievements as well as steps for user protection and safety. 


Some notable news from every project came through the messages. HyperJump revealed a development team that is full of gaming experts. Glitch from HyperLaunch even posted a video of HyperHeist, the protocol’s asteroid game. The JetSwap team hosts a large moderator community on Telegram in several languages, including Spanish, French, and Chinese. The LaunchZone team gave a Powerpoint link to their list of accomplishments. Obie Dobo from ApeSwap detailed the project’s desire to continually build a solid project for the long term.

All the teams gave their reaction to whether or not we are in a bear market and what to expect. Mean from BakerySwap reiterated the project’s desire to push through any type of market.

This was a sentiment echoed by all projects: “commitment beyond bull or bear market.”

Breaking News from the AMA


The AMAchella took a dramatic turn early on when Marcelo from WaultFinance announced the dissolution of the Wault team. The shocking news came based on accusations against the protocol’s leader, Creppy. Marcelo from WaultFinance explained major concerns from the core marketing development team. The core marketing team at Wault will be moving over to KuCoin

BSC News invited Creppy to present their opinion in the chat, who stated that these members of the marketing team have been distant from the project. Wault did give an immediate response on their Twitter account that disputed the story of events.

The news is a major blow to one of the fastest-growing projects on Binance Smart Chain. The ramifications of Marcelo’s announcement are still being processed. Some in the chat accused Marcelo of questionable behavior by announcing the dissolution during the AMA. 

The news is also a reminder that safety is important for all crypto investors and users should do their own due diligence to protect their assets. All projects consistently reiterated security and protection following the news of Wault Finance in the chat.  

Final Thoughts

With the controversial news from Wault Finance and the active participation from six other groups, the first AMAchella event proved to be an exciting event. The projects gave great detailed answers to the six questions. Transparency and scrutiny are extremely important for all projects. Users will be excited to read about the details from their favorite projects. Be sure to check out more articles from BSC News concerning the fallout from Wault Finance.

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