Announcement | SWAP TOKEN officially renounced

Those that keep an eye on the development of SWAP might be trilled to hear that the SWAP token smartcontract is now finally renounced. The past few weeks more and more people started to speculate about the fact whether or not the SWAP Token smartcontract would be renounced on short notice or not.

Knowing that we had found better ways to introduce LP staking to the ecosystem and therefor did not need a mint function as far as we believe. The token now will be fixed at a total of 1.000.000 units forever.

You can verify this for yourself at the bscscan urls below.

Transaction Hash of the renounced status of the smartcontract

Read the SWAP Token Smartcontract below – scroll down to point 9 (Get owner)

We will now look into validation and auditing proposals to get audited asap.

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