Anito Legends Steps Closer to Launch

The team is set to release the PvP feature as it inches closer to early access in August.

Culmination of Hard Work

Filipino PlayAndEarn blockchain game on the BNB ChainAnito Legends, is well on its way to an early access launch soon.

The team revealed they are in the latter stages of their smart contract audits through a Tweet on June 29. After delivering on their cloud save feature, the month of July will see the launch of their PvP feature for the Filipino blockchain gaming project.

“The month of July is a true celebration of community, as we are rolling out the most anticipated feature of our game, PVP,” Jayvee Fernandez, Chief Marketing Officer of Anito Legends, told BSC News. “Many of our beta testers consider PVP as the culmination of their many weeks of farming Lagim towers to craft weapons that can be used to define the game’s meta. We’re excited to see where the community takes this!”


A tournament kicks off the launch of PvP in the beta phase. Balances and adjustments to the meta will be done during this time as early access, and NFT sales are slated to launch the following month. The tight deadline was carefully structured so the team can provide the most value and excitement as they migrate the protocol to the mainnet. 

Check out Anito Legend’s medium post for more details on the game’s progress.

What is Anito Legends:

Anito Legends is a multi-platform strategic auto-battler casual game built on the BNB Chain. Users form a team of three Anitos to go on adventures with either in the single-player or multiplayer PvP game modes. Weapons, armor, and shields can be equipped to the Anitos to help them in the battle where $GINTO tokens and other loot await the victor.

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