Anito Legends Introduces Culture Through Blockchain Gaming

The upcoming PlayAndEarn GameFi project for BNB Chain focuses on Philippine Culture.

Folklore and GameFi

Anito Legends, a blockchain gaming project, is looking to introduce their country’s culture to the world of Web3 games.

The project is an idle auto-battler game that highlights Filipino culture. Players assemble a team of heroes called Anitos, and customize them with weapons to go on adventures and battle other players. BSC News reached out to the team to know more about this Filipino NFT game.

“The goal of Anito Legends is to really make a fun game that everyone, even casual gamers, can enjoy,” James Chua, Anito Legends’ CEO, told BSC News. “In the play-to-earn space where a lot of NFT games look like cash grabs, Anito Legends wants to set itself apart by producing a really fun game first. Not even just fun, but a simple yet enjoyable play-and-earn experience that anybody can pick up.”


The game itself highlights Filipino culture. The Anito classes, Kiwig, Sarangay, Siokoy, and Tikbalang, draw direct inspiration from mythical creatures found in Philippine folklore. The art style highlights animation styles found in Philippine animated media. At the same time, the background sets popular tourist destinations in the Philippines, like Bohol and Bicol, as the venue of the battles.

“It’s all about Filipino culture that the world doesn’t know about. Greek, Norse, or Roman Mythology is popular because of the exposure of these types of media,” Chua said while talking about introducing the game outside the Philippines.  “We’re designing it in a way that it still has a global appeal because we want to invite a global audience to really come and understand the game. We have write-ups and literature about the world, the theme, and the creatures written in English so people can read and learn more about it.”


Filipino Mythology is a niche segment, but the team hopes to see success by focusing on the overall gameplay experience rather than just Filipino roots. Jed Cruz, Anito Legend’s Chief Creative Officer, shared that the game is designed so that anyone can easily pick it up and enjoy the different game features that Anito Legends has to offer.

“The way we’re treating the mythology is that it is an added layer to the gameplay that people who are familiar to the stories and the creatures can draw enjoyment from,” Cruz added. “We’re designing a game that is very accessible to anyone where you can play it without any context as to who these creatures are.”

Currently, the project is in its closed beta phase and has launched on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. The game with PvP and PvE features is scheduled to launch in Q2 of 2022. Interested users may sign up for the closed beta of the game on their website.

What is Anito Legends?

Anito Legends is a multi-platform strategic auto-battler casual game built on the BNB Chain. Users form a team of three Anitos to go on adventures with either in the single-player or multiplayer PvP game modes. Weapons, armor, and shields can be equipped to the Anitos to help them in the battle where $GINTO tokens and other loot await the victor.

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