Anito Legends Host Real Life Meet-a-Verse

Collaborative spirit is alive in the Philippine Web3 scene as local blockchain gaming projects share what they are working on.

The Local Blockchain Scene

Anito Legends, an idle PlayandEarn blockchain gaming project on the BNB Chain, promotes the local blockchain scene as it hosts its first real life event.

The event, co-sponsored by Good Game Society, took place at the Draper Startup house last May 28. Philippine blockchain projects like Arcus, Chrono Adventures, Haraya, Gosu Swap, DV Code, Astro XP, Gladiator Dex, Zombie Guillotine, and Internet Computer Manila had presentations during the event. Each project shared updates on how their project is going to prove to the community that the Philippines is more than just a country of scholars.

“Anito Legends is very proud to have spearheaded the Meet-A-Verse night for fellow local play-and-earn projects with our partner Good Game Society,” Anito Legends CEO, James Chua, told BSCNews. “With [a lot of] people attending the event, this shows that the game development scene is more than willing to support and help each other build. Hopefully this encourages fellow game devs and video game lovers to check out the play-and-earn space and help it grow more in the Philippines!”


Haraya, a venture capitalist group, shared their vision and origin story to the audience. Internet Computer Manila appealed to the game developers from the crowd to build on the network they are developing, while Gosu Swap introduced their inter-chain NFT trading technology on their platform. Food and beverages were also served before the festivities began, while a networking session was conducted after the program ended.

A panel discussion took place where representatives from Anito Legends, Haraya, DvCode, and Good Game Society shared their thoughts on the current crypto bear market, their experience with blockchain gaming, and some insights on developing their own blockchain game from the perspectives of game developers, guild managers, and venture capitalists. Some local blockchain games also showed up to promote their project. Among them were Arcus, Chrono Adventures, Zombie Guillotine, and GladiatorDex.

What is Anito Legends:

Anito Legends is a multi-platform strategic auto-battler casual game built on the BNB Chain. Users form a team of three Anitos to go on adventures with either in the single-player or multiplayer PvP game modes. Weapons, armor, and shields can be equipped to the Anitos to help them in the battle where $GINTO tokens and other loot await the victor.

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