Anito Legends Discuss Next Foundation Updates

Cloud saving and PvP updates headline the next priorities of the idle Filipino GameFi project.

The Next Targets

Anito Legends, a Filipino PlayAndEarn NFT protocol on the BNB Chain, talks about the next points of focus in the blockchain game’s developments.

The team shared a “behind the scenes” look into the next foundational development update for the game through a tweet on May 4. Anito Legends revealed that they are prioritizing Cloud Saving and PvP updates in the next stage of the game’s development. BSCNews reached out to the team to know more about this next stage.

“PvP and cloud saving are two important foundations we need to get right before we launch this June,” Jayvee Fernandez, Anito Legend’s Chief Marketing Officer, told BSCNews. “Many other features will be built around these, including the ability to watch replays, participate in tournaments “pick up and go” across multiple devices and more. I am especially excited for PvP because this can give way to our first real community event with our 1,600+ strong closed beta testers.”


Time related features are the main development concern when it comes to cloud saving aspects the team is focused on. Some of the features that are affected are cooldowns, quests, and energy gains, while the team is also looking at mitigating the risk of cheating by those who try and manipulate the time and date settings on their devices. 

Another key area of focus is the PvP script for the game. The team is developing a code that allows for the saving and archiving of battles so players can access them through a replay. Replays help players learn from their mistakes and develop new strategies, ultimately increasing the competition level of the game. Anito Legends is also looking into featuring the top battles on their platform so that other players can bet $GINTO tokens on the match.

Check out Anito Legend’s Medium post for more details on their announcement.

What is Anito Legends:

Anito Legends is a multi-platform strategic auto-battler casual game built on the BNB Chain. Users form a team of three Anitos to go on adventures with either in the single-player or multiplayer PvP game modes. Weapons, armor, and shields can be equipped to the Anitos to help them in the battle where $GINTO tokens and other loot await the victor.

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