Animal Farm V2 Launched Nov. 1 After Delays to Increase Security

Version 2 of Animal Farm’s yield farm by Drip Network launched on Nov. 1 after auditing and security fix delays pushed the timeline ahead from Oct. 18.

The platform finalized an audit by smart contract auditing firm Truth Security on Oct. 28 that analyzed 21 contracts for security vulnerabilities. The firm found four low low-severity issues, 1 medium-severity issue, and three unspecified-severity issues. All issues were resolved prior to launch.

The team also announced additional security measures via social media on Oct. 30, writing that after launch, they would be delaying some important ecosystem change requests to some smart contracts for 48 hours after each request is made:

“Most of the variables are immutable but … the variable changes we can make to add partnership vaults, add a new pool, add lending options, it takes 48 hours after the transaction is placed for the function to be called and the changed (sic) to go live. So everyone can see that change is going to happen before it does, days in advance.”

The platform’s total value locked (TVL) was around $100 million as of publication, while the BUSD in the rewards vault totaled almost $292 million. Staking and liquidity pools are all showing APRs above 100% for assets like BTC, BUSD, ETH, WBNB, and more.

What Is Drip Network:

Drip Network is a deflationary daily Return On Investment (ROI) platform built on BNB Chain. The innovative platform, developed by CEO Forex Shark, a renowned name in the DeFi space, works with a unique mechanism that gives users up to 365% ROI.

Additionally, the protocol, in association with Animal Farm, its native Yield Farm, rewards users for adding liquidity. Users add liquidity in Drip and lock them in Animal Farm to get incentivized.

Where to find Drip Network:

Website | Twitter | Whitepaper | Telegram

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