Angel Nodes – Sustainable Passive Income on BNB Chain

The newly-launched nodes project was developed by the same team that created Nemesis DAO and comes with lofty ambitions.

Introducing Angel Nodes

Angel Nodes is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform on BNB Chain (formerly Binance Smart Chain) that launched in February of 2022. The Angel Nodes project refers to itself as a ‘Defi Staking Game’ in their whitepaper, claiming to offer a fully sustainable passive income source through buying and upgrading nodes – or Angels as the platform calls them. Angel Nodes was created by the same team that developed Nemesis DAO, Team Nemesis.

Angel Nodes is powered by the $AngeL token which can be bought on PancakeSwap. Once users have purchased $AngeL they can begin using the platform. The Angel Nodes platform seeks to be one of the top node projects on BNB Chain.


How Angel Nodes Works

Essentially, Angel Nodes allows users to purchase nodes in the form of Angels, which then earn passive income in $AngeL. There are 4 different levels available: Angel, Dark Angel, Arch Angel, and Nemesis. With each level, the ROI in $AngeL is increased. Angels can be upgraded for free to the next level, although earnings will be halted during the upgrade period.

The initial price of each Angel, their ROI, and their upgrade time can be seen below:

Angel – Cost: 13 $AngeL; Monthly ROI: 15%; Upgrade Time: 66 days.

Dark Angel – Cost: 66 $AngeL; Monthly ROI: 16%; Upgrade Time: 33 days.

Arch Angel – Cost: 111 $AngeL; Monthly ROI: 18%; Upgrade Time: 11 days.

Nemesis – Cost: Only available through upgrading Arch Angels; Monthly ROI: 25-33% (with booster slots); Upgrading a node to Nemesis Node unlocks 3 booster slots.

Nemesis Nodes and Yield Boosting

As seen above, Nemesis nodes are a bit different than the other Angels. Nemesis nodes require users to upgrade Arch Angels to obtain Nemesis nodes, and provide 3 ‘booster slots’ for each Nemesis node owned. Once users have a Nemesis node, they are able to set a unique booster code. This code is then applied to all booster slots associated with the wallet.

Once users have booster slots, other investors who own at least a Dark Angel node will be able to claim the booster code and receive 6 free $AngeL tokens. The owner of the code will then receive an additional 0.111 $AngeL daily – forever. This boosts the total $AngeL received each day to 1.333 and makes the monthly ROI 33%, according to the Angel Nodes whitepaper.  

Angel Nodes Benefits

The main benefit of Angel Nodes is its ability to generate a sustainable passive income, the team has stated. Besides this, Angel Nodes offers a variety of other benefits for users.

100% Liquidity Locked – 100% of the liquidity on the platform will be locked for a full year. This helps assure users there is a dedication to the platform for the long term.

CertiK Audit – At this time, the platform is 85% through a CertiK audit. The audit is aimed at assuring users of platform security. The Angel Nodes team is also 100% privately doxxed to credible teams (including BSC News) to provide further transparency.

Listings on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap – The $AngeL token was listed on CoinGecko on February 9th and will be listed on CoinMarketCap in the near future. The exposure this provides helps to boost the amount of passive income earned. The token is still in its early stages and the team has stated this is potentially the most opportune time to purchase $AngeL.

Governance System – The Angel Nodes community governance system, titled Courts of Heaven, is now active for community members to participate.

Healthy Liquidity Ratio – The Angel Nodes presale hardcap was not entirely filled, with all remaining tokens being sent to the reward reserves. 97% of the total supply of $AngeL is out of circulation, leaving a total of 300,000 tokens. The market cap is around $3,000,000 USD and the liquidity value is around $1,150,000 USD. This makes Angel Nodes liquidity/market cap ratio to be around 40%, a healthy number for a nodes project.

Concluding Thoughts

Angel Nodes has positioned itself to offer a premier nodes project to BNB Chain investors. With a proven team in Team Nemesis working on development, Angel Nodes is in good hands for the future.

With a simple but sustainable business model, the team considers Angel Nodes a permanent source of passive income. Considering the low market cap and recency of its launch, $AngeL is still in its early-investor stage – a good time to buy if you believe in the future of the project.

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