AnalytEx: Ethereum Gas and Token Analysis for September

Data from AnalytEx show the impact of the Sept. 15 Merge on Ethereum user activity, gas prices, transactions, and new smart contracts.

AnalytEx on Ethereum, Pre- and Post-Merge

The landmark Ethereum Merge event went smoothly, as the world’s number two blockchain successfully switched to a Proof of Stake system on Sept. 15. However, that did not immediately reverse the general trend of decreasing network activity on Ethereum, according to AnalytEx.

Let’s review the performance of Ethereum in the last month, according to a recent report by Decentralized Finance (DeFi) analytics platform AnalytEx, which includes statistics on activity, transactions, blocks, new smart contracts, active addresses, and gas prices.

AnalytEx is part of the suite of products offered by blockchain security firm HashEx.

Ethereum Activity Index

In September, the average Ethereum activity index stood at 48 points, similar to August. However, the maximum value touched 55 points on Sept. 15, the day of The Merge.



The average number of Ethereum transactions per day decreased slightly by only 0.1% compared to August. The total number of Ethereum transactions in September was 33.74 million, with an average daily volume of 1.12 million.



The average number of Ethereum blocks issued per day increased by 5.25% — to 6,665 in September from 6,332 in August. Since The Merge, the number of blocks per day has increased by almost 17%.


The average size of blocks mined per day continued to decline in September. In September, the average block size was 0.49 GB. In August, it was 0.51 GB. The total block size decreased by 7.8%.

Gas Prices

In September, the average Ethereum gas price was 17.12 gwei, compared to 18.31 gwei in August, a decrease of 7%. The lowest value in the last six months, 8.88 gwei, was recorded on Sept. 17.


AnalytEx Analysis of Addresses, Smart Contracts

The average number of unique active crypto wallets per day decreased by 2.71% in September, and the average number of daily active smart contracts decreased by 4.57%.


However, the number of ERC-20 tokens created in the Ethereum network in September increased by 6.44%.

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