An Inside Look at the Beta Gameplay from the New NFT Game HeroFi

BSC.News takes a look into the early gameplay of the hot new launch with its dynamic and in-depth gameplay.

First Take On The Beta

HeroFi has dropped a beta launch to 1000 whitelisted users, and it is causing much excitement. The game has brought flashy graphics and dynamic gameplay to Binance Smart Chain Play-to-Earn.

HeroFi is a mobile RPG game in which players can earn tokens through battles between heroes. Each Hero is unique and equally accessible to everyone. 

The beta is available for Android, and some select users have been playing on PC by installing a program called BlucStack. It is completely free to play and play to earn. 

“The graphics are 1000 times better than Axie. This is a truly fun and cool game I am testing,” said Youtuber Antares Especulador in Portuguese.

BSC.News dug deep to get a first look at the beta launch and give readers a taste before the full launch. With the help of Twitter user @ronnie_184 and YouTuber Antares EspeculadorBSC.News is here to bring you some of the first analyses from HeroFi’s Beta Launch.

The gap between normal games and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) games is vanishing. If the excitement for the beta proves anything for the full launch, we’ll definitely see a new favorite in GameFi


Developers and Theme

Immediately the game gives a professional feel. It is easy to see that HeroFi comes from a group of gamer dedicated developers with a track record of making games. The group already has dozens of partnerships and supports.

With key backing from Bravestars, a top gaming studio from Vietnam, and LaunchZone, a leading project incubator on Binance Smart Chain, HeroFi has taken a serious approach to game development and project coordination. 

The game was designed with three basic principles, according to their documents.

Ownership of in-game assets: in true play-to-earn fashion, HeroFi allows ownership of characters and in-games assets, differentiating itself from being a mere mobile game

Value of the item collection: by giving in-depth character creation, HeroFi gives users an avenue to a truly unique character repertoire.

Social interaction: with the global player leaderboard and dynamic player vs. player action, HeroFi will place user interaction at its core

The login process for the game is very secured. Users must use an authenticator code to log in. The authenticator code is uniquely generated when the new player connects their wallet to the website, and only the wallet owner can create the code. 

The game was built to be equally accessible to anyone and shows gameplay ideal for success. It also offers an effort towards security which is always welcome to see in decentralized finance (DeFi)



Heroes are the unique NFT characters that players can use to fight. Each Hero has their own skills, combat stats, and fighting elements. Each user can uniquely craft their Hero however they wish.

For the beta version, there are three Hero types: Warrior, Ranger, and Mage. Each Hero type is also assigned a corresponding element class: Fire, Grass, Thunder, Water, Dark, and Light. Each hero has four skills that form a diverse matrix of attributes.

So far, only about 100 characters exist in the marketplace for sale. Several different character bases are available, including HellWolf, Monkey King, Mage Slayer, Soul Chases, Wild Arrow, Phantom Slayer, Mastondonte, and Poing.

“I use the Hell Wolf and Soul Chaser, just because of their skills. Each character has different skills, so you can combine with appropriate equipment to maximize the strength of the heroes,” wrote @ronnie_184. “Even when the rarity (stars) of a hero is low, a good combination can still help him win the enemy of a higher level.


The Hero’s attributes can be used to flex power upgrades like excellent melee damage, area damage, healing ability, or elemental effects against enemies. Users can boost their Hero’s skills they have the same elemental attributes as the hero’s element.

All Heroes have four key characteristics: level, physical damage, health, and armor. These can be increased and leveled up by winning battles and boosting with gold.

Heroes earn gold in battles to help level up. It takes 30 levels to increase a star. Each Hero has a star rating of one to six, six being the highest in skill level. For the upgrading, players can pay with gold too. Gold can also be minted in-game as a reward.

Heroes all come equipped with armor and equipment, which helps increase capabilities and character protection. There are five types of equipment: Weapon, Armor, Jewelry, Boot, Mystic Item. Each piece of equipment has a three-tiered rarity (common, rare, epic) for increasing variety to the characters.

Heroes can get married and give birth to a brand new NFT hero. The eggs hatch with gender (male or female) and a star rating (from three to six). At this time, all gender hatches are random, but the skill and ability are not. 

The child’s skill set is randomly decided from the parent’s skills. However, the Hero’s offspring can inherit the elemental attribute from one of the parents, with the following probability: 


Battle Modes and Gameplay

The gameplay and graphic are what have most users excited so far. What we see is a vast improvement on nearly all GameFi so far. Potentially MoBox or Binamon has graphics that meet similar levels, but HeroFi shows a wider variety range of skills and tricks in just the beta version.

“The graphics are stunning. The skills are shown with smooth and interesting motions,” wrote @ronnie_184. “Skills are proper to each character in real-time (for example, Monkey King: he can double himself, make his magic stick become a giant one, riding the cloud, etc).”


HeroFi is set up with two types of battle modes for any kind of player. First, there is auto-battle mode which just simulates the battles. More determined and skilled players fight manually by controlling their Heroes and Soldiers. But even the automatic set-up can require much attention.

“The combats are automatic. I don’t know if this is A + or A- [rating]; it depends on players. For me, I find it a + as it doesn’t require skillful playing for PvE combats,” added @ronnie_184. “But at this point, players still have to examine the opponent carefully to make sure he can win with appropriate indexes regarding HP, intelligence, Damage, Strength.”

For the manual battle, there remains much to be seen regarding strategy. Users in the community Telegram have discussed several strategies, but there is much to be understood regarding how the different characters and elements interact. One can imagine they will follow a routine game format.

There are three main types of gameplay released in the beta version: adventure campaign, player versus player, and tower attack. 

The adventure campaign runs through different enemy levels and lands. After each battle, users progress along and are allowed a chance to upgrade their characters. Each time the user beats a new part of the map it brings the winner gold and items of different amounts.

After each individual battle victory, the player is offered three mysterious boxes that open to random items of various powers and features. The rewarded items are most likely equipment like boots, swords, helmets, weapons to help boost armor.

“It’s totally dynamic. I’m not sure if I am controlling so well. I am just trying to hit them,” said Youtuber Antares Especulador in Portuguese.

The PvP battle launched on September 13, after the initial beta launch, and looks fun as well. The PvP battles are manual for the ultimate user interaction. The PvP comes with a global leaderboard for users to track their skills against the whole world.

“This is how a PvP combat of @HeroFiio goes. The winner of each battle is rewarded with points to get in the in-game leaderboard race. The loser will get minus points. And I’m dropping off the racing board,” tweeted @ronnie_184 on September 14.

HeroFi has undoubtedly excited many users. Their official Twitter handle has been interacting with users in multiple languages as an attempt to rally support too. It doesn’t look too necessary. The game is going to speak for itself. 

Where to find HeroFi:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | LinkTree |

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