An In-depth Look into the Moonpot x SafePal Wallet Holder Offering for $POTS Token

The new look for airdrops will provide legitimate users for initial feedback as the two projects partners to combine the digital with the physical.

Strong Partnership for WHO

Moonpot has a brand new Wallet Holder Offering (WHO) in coordination with SafePal that refines the normal crypto airdrop procedure. The wallet itself combines the win-win strategies from Moonpot’s interface with the quality assurance from SafePal’s secure wallet access. 

A beneficial relationship for all sides involved and hopefully a great opportunity to onboard users to Decentralized Finance (DeFi). MoonCow notably recognized the positive response within the first 24 hours of the WHO launch on Monday, July 19th. 

BSC News hosted Tyler Zhou, Head of Growth at SafePal, and MoonCow from MoonPot for a series of questions for the latest iteration of the BSC News Livestream on July 21. The two spoke of a strong relationship established between the two parties over the last few months.

“A lot of young projects need a set of users that can take part and give them feedback, an initial set of audience users to test them and use them,” said Zhou.  “We believe that users––especially new users––take on a lot of risks engaging in new projects, specifically in crypto. As a hardware wallet provider, we want to provide projects with legitimate users and for those users to be adequately rewarded for taking that risk.” 

A New Way to Airdrop?

The WHO from SafePal and MoonPot looks to resolve some key problems from traditional airdrops and mix the digital with physical. Airdrops and initial offerings can be subject to bot activity and rarely give users the chance to provide feedback on the product before a wider launch. 

The WHO will bring real users to the SafePal app to participate in a test launch of the wallet and will reward participants with prizes of up to 1Million of $POTS ($POTS is the custom token for the MoonPot Protocol).


Winners of the MoonPot rewards opportunities will also be given a custom hardware designed by SafePal. The designs have yet to be determined, according to Mr. Zhao. 

To be eligible for the WHO prizes, users will need to stake at least 10CAKE on the SafePal mobile app before the Whitelist Snapshot at 2AM UTC on July 22, 2021. Catch all the details here. 

The will be a max of 20,000 participants to the WHO. Users should be particularly excited about the high annual percentage returns (APY) and the unique interest opportunities on the MoonPot platform. MoonCow said CAKE was chosen due to its popularity on Binance Smart Chain. 

“With MoonPot, the thing that we added is that users get the interest as well as the prize. It’s kind of unique, not just in DeFi. These things don’t exist since MoonPot was created to offer interest and a prize,” MoonCow told Greg and Ben from BSC.News

MoonPot has a number of projects coming down the line, including the full $POTS drop in two weeks on Monday 2 August. Stay tuned to their socials for more.

Blend of Digital and Physical 

The WHO from MoonPot and SafePal is a great step to combining the digital with the physical world. However, the whole idea here is to eventually grow the user base. 

MoonCow confirmed over $1 Million worth of CAKE involved within 24 hours of the WHO. He and Mr. Zhao stressed the need for ease of access and utility for newcomers to the crypto wallet.

The Safe Pal wallet and the impressive opportunities found on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) can bridge the divide between physical and digital more securely and lucratively for the partnership.  With ideas like custom wallets, promo token codes, and the interest/reward system from MoonPot, the two projects are in great hands moving forward.

About MoonPot

Moonpot is a no-loss lottery protocol on BSC. The protocol can be best described as a savings account that offers users a chance to win 20% of a massive lottery each week. The best part of Moonpot’s lottery is that users never have to pay to play. Users just have to have money staked in a Moonpot savings account.

Where to find MoonPot: 

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord |   

About SafePal

SafePal is a crypto currency wallet platform/ecosystem. The platform has designed their products to be user friendly and allow for managing assets across blockchain networks including Binance, Ethereum, Tron, etc. SafePal is also a tokenized hardware wallet, meaning that SafePal has their own token, SPF, which functions as a utility token for the SafePal ecosystem. SafePal’s SPF token is native to Binance Smart Chain. SafePal was founded in 2018 and offers hardware and software products for crypto enthusiasts.

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