An Early Look Into FaraLand’s Play-to-Earn NFT Ecosystem

Exciting gameplay is on the way from Faraland as the project speeds ahead on its roadmap.

WOW of GameFi?

BSC.News hosted Faraland Project Manager, Son Ho, for an Ask Me Anything (AMA) over Twitter Spaces on August 7. 

The talk went for about 45 minutes as Ho responded to questions from BSC.News host ​​Andrew. The game has yet to be released and should be out later this year. 

The talk went into detail about the upcoming multiplayer role-playing non-fungible token (NFT) game available exclusively on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The game seeks to become a premier GameFi product with both mobile and PC versions, and game experience designed to mimic the battle parties of popular contemporary games. 

“We will have heroes of different races, similar to World of Warcraft,” Ho told a viewership that peaked at around 89. “Users will need to explore the game and have a whole team to compete.” He later added that “players will need a party of three” to play.


Exciting Game Play

Faraland already looks to have a depth of development not seen in other play-to-earn games out there. With plans to be both mobile and PC, the game is already a step above the rest. There will also be aspects of learn-to-earn incorporated as well.

gameplay trailer is available on YouTube for users to get an idea of what to expect and get a glimpse of the world. Users can expect a world of elves, demons, humans, and the like all fighting for survival!

“The play-to-earn games have three mechanisms: investing, creating value, and earning,” Ho said. “With Faraland, players invest by buying an NFT. They can upgrade that NFT’s value by staking or playing the game. And finally, players can earn BNB and FARA tokens by playing.”  


The game expects to be a grind. Ho noted that players will need to play hard to win and more time playing means more earning. The Player-Versus-Player battles will bring the most rewards, but users can also set out on quests or fight bosses. 

The game will incorporate ‘consumable’ and ‘non-consumable’ items to help build attributes and a bustling marketplace. Consumable items will include skill books and enchantments, while non-consumable items will be more like body-parts and equipment. Consumable items vanish once they are used. Non-consumable items can be leveled up. All items can be sold on the marketplace. 

Backend Details

Ho fielded a few questions from users at the end of the interview. Notably, he touched on the security of the game. He confirmed that security is of utmost concern and that the project has worked with Certik–a leading blockchain security auditor–– to implement their Skynet with their chain logic. There are also built-in mechanisms in the tokenomics to prevent pump-and-dumps and inflations according to the team.

The FARA native token is currently available on PancakeSwap and is trading at around $3.68.  The project was also a recipient of the Binance Most Valuable Builder II prize in July. The NFTs on Faraland are selling for high prices, nearly 1 BNB ($300~) for each one. 

Stay Tuned

Ho confirmed that a mobile text version of the game will be out very soon. According to their roadmap, there are several milestones on the way. 

Faraland appears to be making great strides towards a powerful NFT game. It should be interesting to see the team progress through their roadmap.

For more information about Faraland, check out their whitepaper, and their social media:

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