American NFL Approves NFT Deal With Dapper Labs

The NFL links up with the developers behind NBA’s Top Shot in the first NFT deal for American football.

The First NFL NFTs

The notoriously conservative National Football League of the United States has completed an about-face regarding cryptocurrency and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The league has announced its first NFT deal, supported by the NFL Players Association and Dapper Labs to create exclusive video content. 

Earlier this month, the league informed all teams to refrain from partnering with groups associated with crypto. The latest announcement from September 29, signals a new spirit to catch up with other notable sports leagues, like the NBA and Spain’s La Liga, who have embraced the digital assets to much fanfare and profitability. 

“From the Hail Murray to the Minneapolis Miracle, magic happens in NFL stadiums. As a league that continually raises the bar, we are proud that the NFL and NFLPA have chosen Dapper Labs to deliver for NFL fans worldwide the Moments they’ve been waiting for,” said Roham Gharegozlou, CEO of Dapper Labs in an official press release. “We can’t wait to give the more than 300 million NFL fans the opportunity to own the game that matters to them and engage with the sport in a whole new way.” 

The NFL is the most lucrative sports league in the United States. Any deal with the league is a major move for the cryptocurrency industry and the warming of tensions by the league signals a welcoming step. Dapper Labs will bring cutting-edge technology to the NFL and help usher in a new era of fan entertainment through blockchain technology.


What to Expect?

The exclusive NFT experience launches later this season and will take fandom to the next level with access to amazing features. The deal was orchestrated by OneTeam Partners, the licensing partner of the NFLPA. 

At this time, there is a waitlist for fans to join, with little information given about release dates or content.  Dapper Labs are the developers behind the wildly successful National Basketball Association (NBA) version of NFTs, NBA Top Shots, and should be able to replicate the variety of in-demand content created there. 

“Fans will be empowered to purchase and open NFT packs featuring their favorite NFL heroes, show off their newfound digital NFT collections, and trade Moments with other fans,” tweeted Dapper Labs on September 29th.

The exclusive deal should prove to be a lucrative effort. The past season saw $780 million worth of the NBA Top Shot moments sold. Dapper Labs also raised $250 Million to work with La Liga, the premier fútbol (soccer) league in Spain. A rival company, Sorare, an NFT-based fantasy world soccer game, also received $680 Million in funding as well.

“The irreplaceable nature of the NFT captures what is special about sports fandom. Our players are immensely excited for the NFLPA — in working with our enterprising partners at Dapper Labs and OneTeam — to make this significant push into the digital collectibles market,” says Steve Scebelo, President, NFL Players Inc. the marketing and licensing entity for the NFLPA. “The unique greatness of NFL players will continue to fuel memorable moments both in history and in real-time during the season, which will only deepen the connections they have with their passionate fans.”

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