Altura Announce Marketplace V2 Release

Altura’s Marketplace V2 expects to attract user interest and innovative NFT collections in order to make an important impact on the rise of BNB Chain NFT marketplaces.

All New NFT Marketplace

Altura has announced that its Marketplace V2 will see its launch take place toward the end of April 2022. 

The team confirmed the news via Twitter at the end of March, adding that the latest iteration of the Marketplace will come with a ‘reimagined gaming-focused design.’ The team also underlined other facets such as external collections, multi-chain support, offers and bidding, and more. The team’s CEO Majd Hailat is especially excited, offering an exclusive comment to BSC News and describing the development as:

“[The] first truly seamless cross-chain marketplace experience. You can explore NFTs from several chains at once and view all your NFTs across many chains.”

The team is very much invested in making sure that the marketplace distinguishes itself from the growing competition both on the chain it operates on and more broadly in crypto.

“The Altura Marketplace with support for powerful APIs, SDKs, and Smart NFT technology will be the best gaming NFT marketplace in crypto. Stay tuned for more,” the team stated on Twitter.


While ‘the best NFT marketplace in crypto’ is certainly aiming high, there is something in the versatility of the marketplace that underlines Altura’s ambition, whether it be the multi-chain aspect or the Smart NFT tech, the team is moving in the right direction. The end of April has been underlined as the target for the project to finalize the release and NFT projects on BNB Chain will be looking on to see whether Altura can deliver on its promise. 

With platforms on competing chains like Solana having enjoyed the burgeoning performance of NFTs, Altura and the larger BNB Chain ecosystem will be hoping to have the same stimulating impact on transactions. The hope for Altura is that they can give rise to innovative new projects that attract interest and investment.  

Free Lootbox Signup

For those who are eagerly anticipating the Marketplace V2 release, you can be in with a chance of picking up a free Altura Punks loot box key upon the launch date. This will put you in with a chance of nabbing your very own Altura NFT and kicking off your own use of the latest marketplace. 

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What is Altura:

Altura NFT aims to integrate the benefits of blockchain and NFTs into the gaming world. The purpose is to bring true ownership that is usually lacking in the games played today. With Altura NFT, the in-game items will have a dynamic value and the same can be traded on the open NFT marketplace monetizing them. 

Where to find Altura:

Website | Twitter | 

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