Alpha Homora v1 on BSC Adds 2 New Leveraged Pools

Alpha Homora’s leveraged pools allow users to maximize their liquidity for greater potential profits based on a users’ personal taste for risk. As a general rule users should be aware that greater leverage also offers greater opportunity for loss.

XVS and FRONT Leveraged Pools

Alpha Homora has announced its intention to add two new leveraged pools to its portfolio of investment options on vBSC. The move will see yield farmers presented with greater degree of choice for leveraged farming on Binance Smart Chain. The two leveraged pools have been revealed to be BNB/XVS and BNB/FRONT. Both pools will feature 2X leverage and will be available through PancakeSwap.


Alpha Homora

Alpha Homora is the first product from Alpha Finance Lab, designed to capture a key market gap in lending. Alpha Homora decided to provide this service as it one of the key features of the traditional financial system. Alpha Finance Lab focuses on capturing unaddressed demand in DeFi. According to Alpha Homora, a number of advantages are possible with leveraged yield farming such as:

Earning CAKE from the yield farming process and higher CAKE APY from leverage.

Earning trading fees APY for providing liquidity to pools and higher APY from leverage.

Earning additional liquidity mining rewards in the form of ALPHA.

Optimizing and automating the yield farming process

With the help of Alpha Homora it will also be possible to farm CAKE with just a single token. In this case Alpha Homora automatically swaps half of the original token for another to make participation possible while LP tokens are automatically staked for CAKE tokens.

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