Alpaca Insurance Plan Goes Live for All-Encompassing Protection

The Insurance Plan covers all shortfall events for which Alpaca Finance’s infrastructure is responsible.

Alpaca Insurance Plan 

Alpaca Finance has launched the Insurance Plan to provide safety across all its unique products in its ecosystem. The feature ensures that users earn yields with peace of mind. 

The leveraged yield farming platform launched the service on March 14 to keep users’ funds safe and reimburse them in case of prospective losses. The move, announced by the platform on Twitter, shows that the protocol is built with a security-first focus. 

“The Alpaca Insurance Plan exists to provide some peace of mind to would-be investors in any of the products within our platform. Although in the unlikely case of a shortfall event, a portion of Protocol Revenue would be redistributed, we believe the presence of the Alpaca Insurance Plan will have a greater positive effect, encouraging more users to deploy capital into the Alpaca platform, particularly high net worth individuals and institutions, with whom we’ve had many conversations over the recent months regarding what it would take for them to use or integrate Alpaca Finance,” Alpaca document sheds more light on the Insurance Plan. 


BSC News reached out to the Head of Strategy and Marketing, Samsara, about the new feature. The core team member highlighted the most important point of the innovation, stating that users would be safe with Alpaca’s Insurance Plan. 

“It gives all kinds of DeFi users a safety net. Even for the degens whose parents don’t answer their calls anymore, Alpaca’s Insurance Plan will have their back,” Samsara wrote to BSC News.

Alpaca Finance also partnered with Nexus Mutual and InsurAce to provide optional cover for users. However, Alpaca users may find it challenging to utilize both products, so the platform introduced the simpler solution, Alpaca Insurance Plan. More details about the partnership plus an extensive breakdown of the Insurance Plan is found in the protocol’s documentation.

What’s in The Insurance Plan? 

The Alpaca Insurance Plan covers any inadequacy accountable by the protocol. Basically, events for which Alpaca Finance is responsible will be covered, including smart contract risk, exploits, economical design failure, severe oracle integration failure, and more. 

The document also disclosed an event list that the Insurance Plan would not cover. The event shortfalls that Alpaca’s new service will not cover, according to the document, include all but not limited to the following:

Individual liquidations due to network or UI issues

Losses due to phishing, private key security breaches, malware, etc

Loss events localized to integrated protocols (ie. Pancake if you are in an Alpaca PCS farming pool on BNB Chain)

Loss events on partnership projects such as Grazing Ranges

Losses due to devaluation of assets, regardless if such devaluation is related to an attack

Losses after a hack/bug became public

Any events where any other external interoperable or interactive smart contracts are hacked or manipulated in an unintended way, while Alpaca’s designated smart contracts continue to operate as intended

Any event where external inputs (oracles, governance systems, incentive structures, miner behavior and network congestion, etc.) are manipulated, while the Alpaca designated smart contracts continue to operate as intended

If a user provides false information or tries to hide, lie, or mislead

The list shows all shortcomings that the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform is not accountable for. Only drawbacks on all its products can trigger the Insurance Plan. Therefore, if there is an event shortfall on Alpaca’s products, a proposal will be established to repay affected users.  For instance, if there was a bad debt in the protocol’s lending pool, Alpaca Finance will send funds back to the pool to cover the debt. 

While the protocol will cover every shortfall on every product within its ecosystem, the final decision for any form of reimbursement lies in the hands of governance voters. 

What is Alpaca Finance? 

Alpaca Finance is the largest lending protocol allowing leveraged yield farming on Binance Smart Chain. It helps lenders earn safe and stable yields and offers borrowers undercollateralized loans for leveraged yield farming positions, vastly multiplying their farming principles and resulting profits.

Where to Find Alpaca Finance:

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