Alpaca Finance Unveil $AUSD Commercialization Plan

Confidence in Alpaca Finance’s stablecoin AUSD may well be set to build as the project makes important moves.

AUSD Peg to be Solidified

Alpaca Finance has announced it is ready to add additional pegging mechanisms to set and reinforce AUSD’s $1 peg, allowing it to be ramped up for commercial applications.

In a Medium announcement on March 7, the project acknowledged that at the beginning of any stablecoin selling, pressure is a normal prospect to contend with, especially when users are selling it in order to secure staking for AUSD-BUSD. This recognition has, however, prompted Alpaca Finance to make a move and build sufficient confidence in their stablecoin:

“While many of the currently largest decentralized stablecoins were off-peg for many months after their creation, we understand that many retail users don’t understand underlying mechanics of stablecoins, and only think in terms of, ‘If it’s not on the peg, it might have some problem so I won’t hold it.’ This isn’t unreasonable for mainstream users, so since it’s time, what we’re going to do to give them the sufficient confidence to hold AUSD is simple — we’re going to set the peg to $1 and keep it there,” Alpaca Finance’s HuacayaChief declared.

For a closer look at AUSD’s design mechanics, users can check out Alpaca Finance’s docs.


How AUSD Will be Securely Pegged

The initial move the project will make is moving the AUSD-BUSD incentive pool from Pancake to Ellipsis. This will allow AUSD to have a stronger $1 peg due to Ellipsis’ stableswap model, which demands much more liquidity to move AUSD’s price than Pancake Swap currently demands. 

“Ellipsis is a fork of Curve which has an AMM model that does not use the typical XY = K model, and instead uses a function that is optimized for like-kind assets like stablecoins. Hence, Ellipsis’s stableswap is much more effective in maintaining a stable $1 price,” the team explained in the Medium announcement.

Relocating the pool will also benefit users with regard to the lower trading fees and price impact when swapping on Ellipsis, the team affirmed.


The team also declared a second definitive move which will see the allocation of up to 40% of Dev Fund earnings to a Peg Insurance Fund that will guarantee AUSD’s price stays at $1. This effectively means buying AUSD on the open market if its price should at any time dip.

“We recently shared an analysis on Alpaca’s platform revenue which is substantial (~$100 Mn annualized). So you can count on this Peg Insurance Fund as a reliable source of funding to continuously support AUSD’s $1 peg,” Alpaca Finance assured readers.

Combining these two initiatives will do much to assure users and solidify the pegged price of AUSD, making it a much more effective stablecoin.

AUSD Prospects Going Forward

The team has outlined that the plans to secure AUSD’s stablecoin future will then see its Commercialization Plan thrive. With its stability in place, the team plans to focusing on development and utility for the effective stablecoin. 

“We will focus on developing internal and external utility for AUSD, as well as increasing AUSD’s circulating supply. The first steps we will take to achieve these goals will be increasing the collateral types that can be used to borrow AUSD, and expanding AUSD onto Fantom and other chains,” the project informed Alpaca users.

Alpaca Finance underlined its admirable ambitions for AUSD by stating that AUSD can substantially increase APYs for lenders. The stablecoin will also play an intrinsic role in the launch of upcoming products Alpaca Finance have in place as part of their multi-year development strategy.

Here at BSC News we’ll certainly be following AUSD’s progress and the manner in which Alpaca Finance manage to utilize it in forthcoming products. 

What is Alpaca Finance

Alpaca Finance is the largest lending protocol that allows leveraged yield farming on BNB Chain. It helps lenders to earn safe and stable yields, and offers borrowers undercollateralized loans for leveraged yield farming positions, vastly multiplying their farming principles and resulting profits.‌

Alpacas are a virtuous breed. That’s why Alpaca Finance prides itself on being a fair-launch project with no pre-sale, no investor, and no pre-mine. From the beginning, the project has always been a product built by the people, for the people––or as the Alpaca team likes to say: by the Alpacas, for the Alpacas.

Where to Find Alpaca Finance:

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