Alpaca Finance Integrates Stablecoin, TUSD, in 20M Partnership with TrueUSD

Alpaca Finance will integrate TUSD through a partnership to add liquidity depth and new lending and farming pools for users’ benefits.

Alpaca Finance Strikes Major Partnership Deal with TrueUSD

Leveraged yield farming protocol, Alpaca Finance has made a significant statement integrating TUSD through a 20 million deal to increase the liquidity for its new pools.The protocol has announced a partnership with TrueUSD (TUSD) on the 12th of July, 2021 via Medium. 

The funds will be deposited into Alpaca’s lending platform, and the partnership will create more leveraged yield farming opportunities on TUSD pairs. The increased yield farms offer Alpaca Finance users, including TUSD holders, more earning opportunities..


Alpaca Finance to Develop New Pools 

As part of the partnership boost, the protocol will introduce new pools and features for its users. Here are the innovations that will be added, according to the Medium report

TUSD deposit lending pool

ibTUSD staking to earn ALPACA rewards

TUSD-BUSD — 4x max leverage with borrowing on both sides 

Borrowing TUSD to leveraged farm CAKE Syrup pool


The TUSD deposit vault/lending pool and the ibTUSD staking will be launched on July 15th at 7 AM GMT. Hence, users will start making TUSD deposits on Alpaca’s Lend Page. Users can obtain dual earnings through staking ibTUSD to earn ALPACA rewards, This will be done on the Stake PageibTUSD is obtained after users deposit TUSD. 

The leveraged farming pool will be introduced the same day at 10 AM GMT. Users will be able to open leveraged positions through the protocol’s Farm Page. 

Lastly, the CAKE Syrup pool will be launched on July 20th at 10 AM GMT, and users will borrow TUSD to farm the CAKE Syrup pool on its Farm Page

AlPACA X TUSD Offers The Best Rewards 

The partnership will offer both lenders and borrowers of TUSD the best rewards. Here is a rundown of the benefits for both types of users (Lenders and Borrowers): 

For TUSD Lenders: 

TUSD lenders earn interest from borrowed TUSD. Interest obtained varies, ranging from 0% – 150% Annual Percent Rate (APR), which is equivalent to 0% – 348% Annual Percent Yield (APY) — compounded daily. To learn more about Alpaca Finance’s interest rates, read this post. 

Lenders receive ALPACA rewards by staking ibTUSD. The protocol will allocate 30 reward points to lenders who stake ibTUSD. 

For TUSD Borrowers:

Users receive Yield Farming rewards and Trading Fees from the underlying Decentralized Exchange (DEX) by farming TUSD pairs. 

Borrowing TUSD to leveraged farm single-asset pools will give users higher Yield Farming rewards from the underlying pool. 

Users receive ALPACA rewards when the leveraged yield farm is above 1x. 

About TrueUSD (TUSD)

TrueUSD is a cryptocurrency pegged to the US Dollar (USD), otherwise called stablecoin. It is the first independently verified crypto asset tied to the USD with no transaction fees attached. The stablecoin is accepted across all chains and uses different banks, escrow accounts, and third parties to reduce risks, prevent fraud, and ensure transparency during transactions. 

Alpaca Finance

Alpaca Finance is the most prominent lending protocol on the BSC that allows leveraged yield farming. The protocol offers lenders the chance to earn safe and stable yields while offering borrowers undercollateralized loans for leveraged yield farming positions, ensuring their profit is maximized.

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