Alpaca City Partners With Dino Gangz to Bring New NFTs to Users

Alpaca City announces partnership with Dino Gangz in a bid to bring users ‘ultra adorable genesis’ NFTs.

Dino Gangz up with Alpaca City

Alpaca City has reached out to followers by offering what they deem an exclusive opportunity to acquire Dino Gangz Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) through a presale. 

Every Alpaca holder will be offered the opportunity to participate in the Whitelist offering through registering their wallet address, the Alpaca City team explained through a Medium announcement. Dino Gangz confirmed via Twitter that from August 25th to August 26th Whitelisted users will receive exclusive pricing in the presale round on a first come first served basis via the Ethereum network. 

“Today marks another big step forward for Alpaca City. We are now establishing diplomatic ties with Dino Gangz, the super-powered beasts with high IQ that can help you maximize the yields in their partnered DeFi protocols, and much more!” Alpaca City Team announced.

The partnership brings together the power of the funny-looking personified Dinos with the cuteness of Alpaca City’s little baby alpacas. Head over quickly to the whitelist for a chance to get your adorable NFT.


How to Take Part

Everyone is invited to join the whitelist. You can begin by registering your wallet address using the form in this tweet. The link will then take you to a Google Doc. where you will be invited to set down your address and pose any relevant questions. 

The presale and whitelist will be short-lived, so the process has been made to be as easy as possible for prospective investors to take part. 

For any additional information regarding the Dino Gangz NFT presale and whitelist, Alpaca City have ushered followers to this thread.


What is Alpaca City?

Alpaca City describes itself as a virtual world built on the Ethereum blockchain where users are invited to manage their on-chain assets through collecting and breeding ‘adorable’ Alpacas. Alpaca’s are distinguished by the varied genetic traits they have which render them unique and also signifies their ability to generate yields. Alpaca City aims to create a more accessible DeFi ecosystem by bringing together the power of yield farming and NFTs. 

Where to Find Alpaca City:

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