Alitas Tech Joins BSC News for Reddit AMA, Talks Innovation and Growth

Alitas is a project built to help alleviate common problems in the blockchain industry and can hopefully grow to live alongside the growing group of chains out in the world.

Custom Design for Hopeful Future

BSC News put on another iteration of our Reddit AMAs. This past Wednesday, October 20th, our subreddit hosted Alitas Tech. The Community Director, Johnson, hung around to answer over a dozen questions for our community and explored the beginning of this new innovative blockchain infrastructure.

Johnson left almost no question unanswered with topics ranging from Alitas’ team details, the purpose of Alitas, and some of the adversities currently facing the Alitas team. Johnson was cordial and thorough with their answers and helped detail the key mechanism that makes Alitas unique: a custom design to break the consensus mechanism for blockchain transactions. The mechanism will provide more speed and security and could be the key to the chain’s success. 

“In the Alitas system, every participant in the network can trade and actively participate in consensus. To be more specific, you directly locate two transactions (main transaction and branch transaction) and indirectly locate other transactions in the child tangle. In this way, verification can be performed synchronously, and the network can remain completely decentralized, without the need for miners to pass on trust and to pay transaction fees,” Johnson wrote in response to a question from u/Mostafeto1.


The Alitas project is still in early development and needs scalability. With speed capabilities of 30,000 Transactions per Second, the chain is capable to compete with the best around. Based on sentiments from Johnson, the project will need a significant amount of liquidity and user adoption to fulfill its big goals. 

“Committed to open ecology, open application, and open cooperation with other ecosystems, the underlying Alitas infrastructure can be fully integrated with big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, 5G, and other technologies, and can seamlessly connect with other blockchain networks to realize a shared and open community,” Johnson wrote to u/Coman333.

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What is Alitas Tech:

Alitas issued its White Paper in November 2020 and completed the underlying main network in Quarter 1 of 2021. What they are building purports to be a new kind of blockchain that overhauls underlying infrastructure for a new generation of networks and protocols. Building on the back of a new disruptive discovery in the traditional directed acyclic graph (DAG) theory, Alitas seeks to create a new generation of blockchain protocols. The new innovative system is capable of reaching 30,000+ per second. Alitas breaks with the traditional blockchain creation to bring new opportunities for developers to flourish. The major breakthroughs of Alitas aim to bring a more efficient, convenient, safe, and stable development and deployment environment to users around the globe.

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