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Currently the largest decentralized app, Alien Worlds has taken blockchain gaming to a whole new level. The combination of NFTs and interplanetary/alien fantasies provides a strong immersive gaming experience that rewards users in an innovative fashion.


Alien Worlds focuses on the implementation of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), a type of cryptocurrency that differs from traditional cryptos in a specific manner: each NFT is unique, and does not have an exact copy like other forms of crypto currency. Along with their singularity, NFTs have information coded into them that enables them to have different functions. This makes it possible to use NFTs for other applications unlike traditional cryptos that merely have transaction-value. 

In recent times, NFTs have found various useful applications for the crypto landscape. Artwork, virtual assets like ‘land’, media, and the gaming industry are some of the applications that are currently being driven by NFT adoption.

Alien Worlds has taken NFTs and gamified them in an intuitive way. With a cluster of digital universes and worlds inhabited by NFTs, Alien Worlds is creating an immersive virtual gaming experience where humans and NFTs unite in an exciting metaverse. 

What Is Alien Worlds?

Alien Worlds is an NFT-based blockchain game conceptualised around a virtual metaverse. The game is a multi-chain decentralised finance project designed to run on the Ethereum, Wax, and Binance Smart Chain blockchains. Players of Alien Worlds have the opportunity to mine Trilium (TLM) which is the cryptocurrency of the metaverse. Players also stand a chance of mining new NFTs.

According to ‘legend’ , the metaverse was founded by a group of former Bitcoin miners. These miners, code-named the Foundation, came in contact with some aliens who taught them how to escape from earth when there is impending disaster. That is as far as the legend goes about the team, leaving it up to players to write the next chapters. 

The metaverse consists of planets, as well as the planets’ governance and economic systems. The game’s players are known as explorers. While exploring the metaverse, explorers make use of tools to mine. The mined Trilium can then be staked to any of the planets. 

Staking on a planet makes the explorer eligible to be a councillor who can eventually go on to become ruler of the planet. 

Alien World’s NFTs have gameplay abilities that can range from in-game land to weaponry. The entire game world is constructed of NFTs, creatively injecting them into the gameplay. One of the interesting things about the metaverse is that each planet acts like a decentralized autonomous organisation (DAO) and can issue their own NFTs. Among the NFTs, land is the most sought-after because it can earn passive income for its owner.

Components of Alien Worlds Metaverse

The Alien World comprises the following fundamental components, 

1. Trilium

This is the currency that drives transactions in all planets throughout the metaverse. It can be earned by mining, or as rewards for winning fights. You can even earn some Trilium simply by showing good intuition such as discerning the right tool to use for a task. Watch it though, for your Trilium balance can also fall if the system feels that you used a poor strategy. This incentivizes miners to learn about the game mechanics, creating an intertwined loop of rewards for gameplay.

2) NFTs

The Alien Worlds have lots of non-fungible tokens that users interact with while gaming. Players will find a brief description of an NFT’s qualities on its card. Checking out the description helps players make a choice of which NFT to use for their current game objectives.

Some of the most common NFTs in the game:

Land NFT: 

Source: Medium 

These NFTs represent portions of land on the planets across the metaverse. They are the virtual platform on which Trilium is mined.

Mining land is straightforward. First step is to choose what planet to mine on. Then you choose a Land. Thereafter, select the tools you want to mine with, then you click on the mine button.

It is necessary to make your choices carefully. For instance, one planet may offer higher rewards than another. Again, just as in real life, Lands on Alien Worlds vary in terrain. Different terrains have different mining potentials.


Minions are NFTs designed to be the user army, so to speak. Minions have five attributes that characterise them: Attack, Defence, MoveCost, Race, and Element. Players are encouraged to build up a diverse army of these NFTs in order to conquer their opponents.

Tool NFTs

Explorers need Tool NFTs to be able to mine Trilium on a land NFT. Every explorer receives a shovel at the beginning of their quest, but that is an entry-level tool. Your mining efficiency will increase as you collect new and exciting tools for use.

Other NFTs include Avatars, Weapons, Artifacts and more!

3) Planets 

These are where much of the activity of Alien Worlds take place. Each Planet is a DAO and determines its strategies and games. Players who stake Trilium in each planet vote for their own government.

The planets that make up Alien Worlds include Kavian, Naron, Veles, Magor, Eyeke, and Neri. Each of them has its own peculiar characteristics, granting a unique experience for players.

Features Of Alien Worlds

1) Mining 

This is a feature that enables explorers to mine the platform’s native token, Trilium. To mine Trilium users will need a Tool NFT and a Land NFT. While you must own a Tool NFT, it is not required to own a Land NFT before you mine. You can mine on a land that you do not own, but you will relinquish some of your mined tokens as commission to the land owner.

Source: Medium 

2) Fighting 

Alien Worlds has NFTs specialised for battles. You can engage them in fights against enemies to win Trilium and additional NFTs.

3) Staking and voting 

If explorers stake their Trilium to a Planet, they earn voting and governance rights on that Planet. Voting power is proportional to the quantity of Trilium staked, meaning that players are encouraged to stake Planets to the max level possible

4. Multi-Chain Tokens and NFTs

NFTs and Trilium are cross-chain compatible. Players can move their assets across Ethereum, BSC, and WAX.


The ecosystem token of Alien Worlds is Trilium (TLM). Trilium powers gameplay and every other transaction in the Alien Worlds metaverse. 

Trilium is cross-chain compatible with Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and WAX networks. It is listed and traded on Binance,, and MXC exchanges. 

Staking Trilium on a planet gives you voting rights in that planet, and also enables you to take part in mining TLM. Other uses of TLM are purchase of items and paying to participate in quests and battles. 

Trilium has a total supply of 10,000,000,000 TLM and a circulating supply of about 800,000,000 TLM. 

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