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Alien Worlds has taken blockchain gaming to a whole new level. The combination of NFTs and interplanetary/alien fantasies provides an immersive solid gaming experience that rewards users innovatively.


In recent times, Non-fungible Tokens (NFT) have found various valuable applications in the crypto industry. Some applications include artwork, virtual assets like ‘land,’ media, and multiple use-cases in the gaming industry. 

Alien Worlds is one such project that intuitively has gamified NFTs. With a cluster of digital universes and worlds inhabited by NFTs, Alien Worlds has created an immersive virtual gaming experience where humans and NFTs unite in an exciting metaverse. 

What is Alien Worlds? 

Alien Worlds is an NFT-based game conceptualized around a virtual metaverse. It is a decentralized metaverse that runs on the Ethereum, WAX, and BNB Chain blockchains. Players of Alien Worlds have the opportunity to mine its native cryptocurrency, Trilium $TLM. The token incentivizes users to play games while also participating in governance through staking. 

The metaverse consists of planets, which are Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) that receive daily Trilium from the central metaverse smart contracts. Otherwise called Explorers in the Alien Worlds ecosystem, players engage the metaverse through mining, acquiring and renting land, voting for planetary governance to impact Trilium and NFT payouts, and more actions over time as planets produce their own games and NFTs. 

Explorers make use of rare and unique NFTs to earn more Trilium in the game’s Play-and-Earn environment. Alien World’s NFTs have gameplay abilities that can range from in-game land to weaponry. The entire game world is constructed of NFTs, creatively injecting them into the gameplay. As stated above, planets offer their own NFTs and games due to their DAO behavior. Among the NFTs, land is the most sought-after because it can generate passive income for its owner. 


Components of Alien World Metaverse 

Alien World comprises the following fundamental components: 

  • Trilium 

Trillium is the currency that drives all transactions on all planets within the metaverse. It can be earned through mining or as a reward for winning fights. Players require TLM to purchase and upgrade items, participate in battles and quests, and perform other in-game activities. 

In summary, TLM can be used for staking, participating in planet governance, as in-game currency, as game rewards, and to purchase NFTs. 

  • NFTs 

The Alien Worlds ecosystem comprises numerous NFTs that users can interact with while gaming. Players will find a brief description of an NFT’s qualities on its card. Checking out the description helps players choose the NFT for their current game objectives. Additionally, there are six different levels of rarity for NFTs on Alien Worlds: Abundant, Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythical. 

There are also four different levels of shininess: Stone, Gold, Stardust, Antimatter and XDimension. Naturally, Shined-up NFTs have better gameplay stats. However, Land NFTs cannot be shined up. 

Some of the most common NFTs in the game include: 

  • Land NFT

Land NFTs represent portions of land on the planets across the metaverse. They are the virtual platform on which TLM is mined. Upon launch, Alien Worlds created 3,343 land NFTs with twenty different variations, each having its own unique attributes. Some of the different types of lands include Plains, Mushroom Forests, Sandy deserts, Rocky deserts, Icy Mountains, and Active volcanoes. 

Just as they are different, they have different mining potentials. For instance, one land may attract a higher TLM value than another. To mine TLM on lands, players have to choose what planet to mine on, select the land and tools they want to mine with, before clicking the mine button. Additionally, Planets also have a finite number of lands upon inception. 

  • Minions 

Minions are the NFTs used in the fighting game. Generally, they are designed to be the user army with five main attributes: Attack, Defence, MoveCost, Race, and Element. Minions can also be equipped with weapons to gain extra power to conquer their opponents.

  • Tool NFTs 

Explorers need tool NFTs to mine TLM on Land NFTs. Every explorer is given a free shovel to start with. However, its mining power is limited. Players can find other tools in their Metaverse adventures or even while mining at rare occasions. 

Different tools have different strengths or weaknesses. For instance, a Glavor Disc is more effective for finding NFTs, while a Lucky Drill is the perfect tool for mining TLM. Additionally, explorers can use three tools simultaneously to mine TLM easily. 

Other NFTs on Alien Worlds include Artifacts, Avatars, Weapons, missions, and NFTs earned by missions in the metaverse. 

  • Planets 

Planets are the primary locus of activity within the Alien Worlds ecosystem. On Planets, mining, governance, and gameplay occur. Each planet is a DAO and determines its strategies and games. Players who stake TLM in each Planet vote for their own government. 

Six planets make up the Alien Worlds metaverse: Eyeke, Kavian, Magor, Naron, Neri, and Veles. Each planet has its own peculiar characteristics, granting a unique experience for explorers. 

Eyeke | Source

Game Features 

Mining: This feature allows explorers to mine TLM on Land NFTs by using Tool NFTs. While players need Tools to mine, they do not require Land NFT ownerships. Therefore, you can mine on land that you do not own, but you would need to pay commissions in TLM to the landowner. 

Fighting: Minions are used for engaging in battles against enemies to earn TLM and win NFTs. 

Staking and Voting: Players stake Trilium in planets to vote in the upcoming planetary elections and increase the planet’s reward pool. 

Planet DAOs: Players can participate in weekly elections for council candidates, submit proposals on how to distribute the planetary treasury, or even run for planetary council positions. 

Trading Game Cards: Players may select NFT game cards for their strategy on BNB Chain and WAX, for mining, fighting, and participating in missions. 

Cross-chain Bridge: Alien Worlds supports TLM transfers between BNB Chain, WAX, and Ethereum. 


The ecosystem token of Alien Worlds is TLM. Trilium powers gameplay and every other transaction in the Alien Worlds metaverse. 

Trilium is cross-chain compatible with Ethereum, BNB Chain, and WAX networks. It is listed and traded on Binance, Bybit, FTX, BingX, and DigiFinex exchanges. 

Staking TLM on a planet gives you voting rights on that planet and enables you to take part in mining TLM. Other uses of TLM are purchasing items and paying to participate in quests and battles. 

The maximum supply of TLM is 10,000,000,000, while the total supply is 5,189,345,239. 

The token allocation schedule, as a percentage of total supply, is as follows:

Seed Sale: 13.75%

Presale: 6.69%

Binance Launchpool: 2.92%

External Protocol Development: 3.50%

Marketing: 9.24%

Alien Worlds Foundation: 13.14% 

Advisors: 5.35%

Team: 14.60%

Governance: 3.89%

Liquidity Provision: 5.84%

Staking Rewards: 3.41%

Security Audits: 0.78%

Ecosystem Grants: 14.24%

Participation Rewards: 2.72%

Overview of TLM Tokenomics | Source


The brilliant minds behind Alien Worlds are pursuing development with vigor. Some of the events slated for the future according to the Alien Worlds roadmap include: 

“Heroes and Minions” packs and fighting functionality. 

Land terraforming and farming by land owners. 

Avatar enhancements unlocked. 

Quest and immersive experiences. 

Interoperability between digital items. 

“Services” on land. 

Additional terraforming that impacts mining attributes. 

Final Thoughts 

Alien Worlds has taken blockchain gaming to a whole new level. Though it is virtual, the game has such an immersive feeling that players are naturally drawn to explore its metaverse. With one of the largest communities in the industry, it is easy to see that the thrills of interplanetary travel and alien fantasies have succeeded in attracting players.

To keep up with updates from Alien Worlds, follow the official media channels below,

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