Alien Worlds Joins Zilliqa’s Gaming Hub

Zilliqa’s e-sports partners will host an Alien Worlds community challenge to celebrate the partnership.

Quid Pro Quo

One of the most popular games on BNB ChainAlien Worlds, has announced a partnership with layer-one blockchain Zilliqa to introduce new in-game features through Zilliqa’s eSports partners and promote the game ecosystem on both sides.

With around 11 million daily transactions by more than 700,000 monthly active users, according to DappRadar data, Alien Worlds will be a massive driver to significantly increase the visibility of and player interest in the upcoming Zilliqa Gaming Hub. Additionally, Alien Worlds gains access to Zilliqa’s eSports partners such as Ninjas In Pajamas, RRQ, and MAD Lions to reach a wider traditional gaming audience.

This is also an opportunity for Zilliqa to implement the application level of the project’s Unity SDK to accelerate the adoption of blockchain games. The new partnership will allow Alien Worlds to integrate the Zilliqa blockchain using the Unity SDK.

“We’ll provide Alien Worlds with technical support to ensure the game is properly integrated with our Unity SDK and gaming hub, in what will be a strong addition to our ecosystem,” Valentin Cobelea, Head of Gaming Technology, said in a blog.

As the integration goes live, the Alien Worlds team is excited about how the Zilliqa blockchain will help them introduce the new DAO token. These tokens will be part of the game mechanics.

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