Alien Worlds Introduce Grant Program for Community Development

The initiative is an exciting opportunity for skilled creators to use their ideas to build the Alien Worlds metaverse.

Galactic Hubs Grant Program 

Alien Worlds looks set to launch an exciting opportunity for users in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space. The famous Non-fungible Token (NFT) and GameFi metaverse on BNB Chain unveils its “Galactic Hubs Grant Program.”

The Galactic Hubs Grant Program is an innovation by the GameFi platform to fund members of its community interested in software development and community building. The program is powered by Galactic Hubs, a decentralized and community-led body, which will help sponsor and promote the Alien Worlds ecosystem. Alien Worlds will launch the initiative on May 16, according to its Medium published on April 25. The protocol also announced the new development on Twitter. 

“To foster visionary initiatives in this space, Alien Worlds will be launching Galactic Hubs on May 16th 2022, a resource that will help fund any member of the Alien Worlds community who has the vision to catapult innovations in software development and community building,” the blog read. 


Galactic Hubs will provide much-needed support for individuals, projects, and teams that want to contribute to the expansion of the Alien Worlds community. In addition, the innovation will expose users to many opportunities to build a better metaverse. When Alien Worlds launches the program, users will submit applications in various categories and receive funding up to 100,000 in its native $TLM token. 

The Grants program promises to be positive for the Alien Worlds community. In addition, Galactic Hubs will create other means of incentivizing the community, such as hackathons and an incubation program. The community-led body will also launch an Award program to celebrate Alien Worlds communities and the individuals who have made social contributions to the protocol. 

Plethora of Benefits 

The Galactic Hubs website is live, displaying many benefits that individuals and projects stand to gain. The benefits include: 

Funding in the protocol’s TML token. 

Consultation for each phase of development. 

A metaverse integration strategy. 

Marketing and promotional support. 

User acquisition. 

Assistance from Alien Worlds towards launch and growth. 

Development of NFT-driven participation and engagement. 

Recognition as grant recipients. 

As stated earlier, users will submit applications in different categories to expand the Alien Worlds ecosystem. Thus, the Galactic Hubs Grants program will be interested in funding individuals and projects with a proven track record in the following departments: 

Technical Infrastructure 

Gaming and eSports

Art and Collectibles 


Real-world Applications 

The grants will occur in three stages/tiers. The first tier, called the Accelerated grants, will see individuals and projects receive a maximum funding of 5000 TLM. The Milestone grants are the second tier, and the maximum funding quota is 100,000 TLM. The third and final tier—Pioneer grants—will give out funding of over 100,000 TLM. 


Submitting Applications

Alien Worlds will launch applications in phases, and initial submissions will begin on May 16 until August 16. Individuals and projects will submit proposals reviewed thoroughly by Alien Worlds to apply. Additionally, the protocol will consider numerous factors to ensure that goals and milestones are correctly defined before funding. 

Alien Worlds calls on community members with interest, experience, and skills to create projects under the categories above to submit their proposals. The protocol looks to gather skilled professionals to help build the future of metaverse, starting from May 16. 

According to the blog, users who submit proposals will be asked various questions such as grant amount, category of interest, idea description, project impact, and general needs and challenges. 


The protocol has taken another step toward expanding its ecosystem, which has over seven million active players. The move will inspire creators to create, share, and flourish in its social metaverse. 

Alien Worlds has taken blockchain gaming to a whole new level. The GameFi project has stamped its place as a leading name in blockchain gaming. As of writing, Alien Worlds is the second most played game across the industry, according to DappRadar. In addition, the protocol recorded over 900K unique players in the last 30 days, including a total transaction of 181.76 Million. 

Check out the BSC News Alien Worlds Project Insight to learn more about the industry-leading GameFi project. 

What is Alien Worlds 

Alien Worlds is an NFT-based blockchain game conceptualized around a virtual metaverse. The game is a multi-chain decentralized finance project on Ethereum, Wax, and BNB Chain blockchains. Players of Alien Worlds have the opportunity to mine TLM and stand a chance to mine new NFTs, which can be interacted with through gaming.

Where to find AlienWorlds:

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