Algoracle Evolves, Rebrands to Goracle

With the rebranding, the oracle is set to foster DeFi adoption on Algorand.

Switching Things Up

Algoracle, the decentralized oracle network on the Algorand blockchain, has revealed that it has rebranded to Goracle. The development is a major milestone and will kickstart an era of global expansion within the blockchain ecosystem. 

Algoracle has already made major moves and rolled out the company’s logo, branding, and other publicity marking the transition to Goracle. The changes begin a new phase across the board. The blockchain protocol is holding a private round of funding to raise $1.5 million to build its ecosystem. 

Goracle: Shaping the Future of Oracles

Goracle is a forward-thinking company that is shaping the future of oracle solutions. It has developed an ecosystem that enables users to receive accurate real-time data via its decentralized oracle network. 

Goracle is also the decentralized oracle on the Algorand blockchain and allows smart contracts and dApps to access external data sources and perform off-chain computations. It has achieved this by establishing decentralized participation, guaranteed for all independent node operators and users looking to contribute to the network. 

Sustainable Future

The Goracle Network is driven by a large, secure, open-source community of node operators and feed providers who facilitate trusted, independent, real-time data feeds. The network has several layers of security mechanisms, verified by researchers, security auditors, and community bounty hunters.

Unlike other decentralized oracles, Goracle has added sustainability practices into its system model and has embraced the challenge of producing a carbon negative  blockchain. It allows universally connected decentralized node networks to communicate as independent sources to supply vital off-chain securely; real-time external data feeds required by complicated smart contracts become a robust form of digital agreement. 

Goracle also offers real-time network exchanges containing accurate and up-to-date sports, weather, and crypto pricing data for smart contracts.

Major Ecosystem Partnerships

Since its launch on Testnet, Goracle has been and is a network of decentralized oracles. Several decentralized applications and projects utilize Goracle as a source of data. Some of these applications are, Prismatic, Glitter Finance, AlgoGuard, Equito Finance, Exa Finance, and Vendible. Goracle also aggregates some of its data from partners like Kaiko, Brave New Coin, AmberData, Normics, Twelve Data, OddsJam, and more. 

In addition, Goracle has established strategic partnerships with top venture capitalists like Borderless Capital, Valhalla Capital, Big Brain Holdings and the Algorand Foundation. 

What’s On the Horizon

Goracle has continued to make development and plans to launch its public round for users to purchase its unique utility token. Furthermore, there are plans to launch a mainnet in Q3 2022 and develop more products in its ecosystem. 

For more information about Goracle, visit, the Goracle Twitter, the Goracle LinkedIn, or join the Goracle Discord.

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