Alchemy Toys, the “gold-standard” NFTs supported by the expanding game treasury

The game is similar to the classic alchemy game in that you gather token “cards” and “melt” them to create new ones. A list of all token forms unlocks the treasury. When a player wins a single game (=epoch), the next one begins. You hold the cards you didn’t need in the previous epoch for the next one.


Alchemy Toys is a fair collect & play game that will be released on the Binance Smart Chain in May 2021. You play a classic alchemy game in which you mint one-of-a-kind TOY NFTs and melt them down to make more precious ones, with each move taking you closer to the treasury.

The specialty of Alchemy Toys is that all TOYs are backed by actual value, which is supported by the growing game treasury. Any TOY can and will be used to earn immediate prizes in the future (paid in BNB). Any TOY appreciates in value over time.

With self-adjusting economics, extremely entertaining game mechanics, an NFT marketplace, and staking options, this game provides a plethora of ways to play and win!

History and Vision of Alchemy Toys

The concept for Alchemy Toys emerged in 2020, as the buzz about NFT Art grew. All team members are both ardent NFT enthusiasts and believe that NFTs are the future of digital art and collecting.

As the weeks passed, a slew of new (mostly low-effort) “craft” NFTs appeared, diluting the bid and posing concerns about the fundamental worth of the items received, aside from their inherent DLT-induced scarcity.

They began to consider how fantastic it would be to have collectible NFT objects that are backed by an actual value (in the best case, the network’s base currency) at the moment. To make the set more enjoyable, they began to consider using these collectible NFTs in a multi-player card game that gathers both minting and trading fees in a game treasury as network money and pays out prizes in this currency as well (BNB in the current case).

Planning and prototyping took weeks and months. What emerges is what they began to refer to as a “fair collect&play game.” Its key and most notable characteristics are as follows:

– “Gold standard”: Any NFT that is minted and collected is backed by the game treasury.

– Fair: Any NFT that is minted will and can be used to win the game’s treasury; there is no “home” that always wins; the only winners are the teams.

– Collect: As time progresses, each minted NFT becomes more precious, transforming it into a fantastic object for collecting and trading.

– Sustainability: Aside from network payments, all game and trade fees flow into the game treasury, all in BNB.

– Self-adjusting economics: the contract rationale is intended to keep the game going, the treasury rising, and the economic balances stable.

– Stacking: By staking at the game, players will benefit passively as well.

– Individual: the game provides a plethora of individual play and advantage tactics that each player can fine-tune with their own goals.

On top of that, the creators of Alchemy Toys launched an NFT Marketplace in June, where users can swap not only TOYs but also other NFTs. The following are the major features:

– Both trading fees (2%) are deposited into the Alchemy Toys game treasury, increasing their value.

– Sell and Bid Safely Swap NFTs: one for another (upcoming)

– Mint NFTs with a range of alternatives, such as permanent percent -commissions for first-time writers (upcoming)

The non-fungible ERC721 Token

The 127 different types of non-fungible TOYS tokens are classified into 7 different groups. A token of a kind has a serial number that is special and incremental (ID). Tokens that are older and have a lower Serial Number (ID) are more expensive.

The game’s key goal is to obtain special token cards. There are 127 distinct token cards (or token types) organized into seven levels. A level only indicates how difficult it is to obtain a certain toy. There are some of them:

1. Level: 64 different toy types

2. Level: 32 different toy types

3. Level: 16 different toy types

4. Level: 8 different toy types

5. Level: 4 different toy types

6. Level: 2 different toy types

7. Level: 1 single toy type

When the player has obtained at least one of each kind of card, he will surrender them to win (=“attain enlightenment”).

Any time a Toy type token is made, it receives an incremental unique Serial Number for that Toy type, making this token a unique NFT. When a token is used (in “sacrifice” or “melting,” see activities below), it is permanently destroyed.

A token’s worth is generally determined by its degree (the higher the better) and serial number (the lower the better).

Game Mechanism

Per cycle, a player is limited to 5 turns (=actions). In our temple, there are four different actions to pick from. Even not acting is the best course of action. Each activity incurs a temple tax, which is deposited in the temple’s treasury.

#1 Workship

An ancient ritual requires the player to call the Alchemic Deity and collect three random low-level cards. There is, though, a good chance of receiving a higher-level passport.

#2 Melt 

Two tokens are inserted in the circle of fire to be burnt (these tokens are permanently lost), resulting in the creation of a new token of a higher rank. The latest token has a level that is +1 greater than the average of the tokens being fused.

#3 Sacrifice

Tokens can be sacrificed at any time by a player. He immediately collects the ‘enlightenment’ token after sacrificing at least one token of each kind.

#4 Proclaim 

When at least one ‘enlightenment’ token is present, any player may assume the role of a prophet and declare the start of an ascension ceremony.

#5 Payday 

The Calendar is reset, and a new epoch begins, bringing with it new recipes and possibilities.

Both leftover tokens are now in the wallets. Furthermore, if a player has already lost any toys, the sacrifice is carried on to the next epoch.


The key selling of GAT tokens will begin on May 12, 2021, on our own exchange smart-contract. The overall distribution is seen below.

There is a maximum total supply of 1,000,000 pre-minted GAT.

– 5%purchased by the founders.

– 10% purchased and locked by the founders until the end of 2021 (legally locked, smart contract is evaluated).

– 10% sold at the soft-launch as a private sale with a highly reduced progressive pricing model.

– 5% reserved for marketing and airdrops.

– 50% ongoing main sale on Alchemy Toys exchange, starting from the last pre-sale price and following the same progressive price model.

– 20% reserved for a later sale (on an exchange, liquidity pool, OTC, or others).


The game is now available on the Binance Smart Chain Mainnet. The arrival of the Minted Vodka NFT Marketplace on the Mainnet has been pushed back to June 2021. Hundreds of users have reviewed the game on various Testnets. You are welcome to test-drive the game on the Testnet before proceeding to the live game.

March 2021: 

– Develop first version of the game (Smart Contracts & UI)

April 2021: 

– Game: Launch and conduct public alpha-test

– Relaunch the website

– Develop the Marketplace (smart contracts & UI)

– Marketplace: Launch and conduct public alpha-test

– Whitepaper & Legal Opinion

– Soft-Launch a part of the GATs

– Game Smart Contracts Audit

May 2021: 

– Evaluate a possible IEO / IDO

– Polish details for the Launch

– Live launch of the Game

– Main Sale GATs

– NFT Marketplace Polishing

June 2021: 

– NFT Marketplace Audit

– Live launch of the Marketplace

– Continuous Development + Further Games

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