Alchemy Toys’ Innovative and Fun NFT Game

Binance Smart Chain as part of its growth, is achieving significant adoption of blockchain technology and tokenization strategies in the entertainment industry in general, including but not limited to gaming and e-sports.

Now $BNB holders can use their tokens to experience the excitement of daily games, as is the case with Alchemy Toys, which adopts the excitement of a classic brain puzzle game with online multiplayer tournaments and also adds NFT’s as a reward system. Sounds quite addictive and attractive, doesn’t it?

Alchemy Toys, which was launched on the Binance Smart Chain, is a game designed by a German software development company named BackupDev UG. It is very similar to the classic Alchemy strategy game, a fascinating Popcap game that has been around for several decades.

The idea for Alchemy Toys was born in 2020 when enthusiasm for NFT art began to pick up. The developers thought of having collectible NFT items backed by some real value. To make the collection more fun, they started thinking about using these collectible NFTs in a multiplayer card game that collects all the minting and trading fees in the game treasury (as network currency) and pays rewards in this currency as well ($BNB).

In the game you can merge two TOY NFTs to get a new one of higher value. You can stop there or go one step further: if you manage to sacrifice or “burn” all the different types of TOYS (that’s 127 in total), you get a big chunk of the game’s treasure paid in $BNB. When a player wins a single game or “epoch”, the next one begins. For the new era you keep the cards that you have not used in the last.

The game is turn-based. A player can take a limited number of turns per cycle. A cycle usually lasts 8 hours. When any player wins the game (reaches enlightenment), a new era begins for all players. All the actions of the player and the basic rules of the game are simple, you just have to be attentive to the number of actions and potential strategies to earn rewards.

If you can’t “win the pot” one game season, you still have all your TOYS and sacrifices for the next, and you have a head start. Any player can assume the role of prophet and proclaim the start of an ascension ritual when there is at least one ‘enlightenment’ token. The proclamation burns the enlightenment tokens and gives the winners a new ‘Divinity’ token. Which will have some function later.

All fees flow 100% to the game treasury. While all fees and payments are settled in the BSC network’s $BNB base currency, the game itself has two different types of tokens: Toy NFT and GAT (Game Ace Tokens). The first are the only TOY NFT (ERC721), this is what is coined in AT. The second, GAT is a limited supply of 1 million tokens, Designed to stack on AT, in the first step and will serve as keys to “unlock” things in games. Each token symbolizes a part of the treasure reward and therefore has an intrinsic guarantee of future payment.

Investors use GAT to participate in the performance cultivation of Alchemy Toys and all related DApps. They have a fairly deflationary effect on the ecosystem.

The team has also been planning to launch their own NFT Marketplace called “Minted Vodka” in June, where TOYS (and other NFTs) can be traded. Meanwhile, the game is being bolstered with special NFT toys, more challenges, among other things. If you want to belong to this really fantastic and curious world, it is probably a good idea to buy some GAT’s and TOYS, because the inclusion of video games and Alchemy Toys is just beginning and it will probably bring a lot of good things to its ecosystem.

Source : bsctimes

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