Alchemy Toys AMA Transcript

NFT + MMPOG + DeFi = Alchemy.Toys! Multi-play the classic alchemy game with collectible NFTs that are backed by real value! Play for FUN and attractive REWARDS!

All questions answered by Wit

Lola(AMA HOST): Can I have the team member of Alchemy Toys say hello?

wit: Hello !

Lola(AMA HOST): Hi Wit!

wit: Hi Lola, Hi Everyone!

Lola(AMA HOST): How’re you?

wit: Great, it’s 10pm – a long day 😊

Lola(AMA HOST): Haha! Sorry

wit: Nothing to be sorry about – we don’t sleep 😉

Lola(AMA HOST): You’re welcome ☺️ Good to have you in our midst tonight

I understand.

Shall we start the first session now?

wit: Yes, sure, let’s go!

Q1. Can you give us a general introduction of you and Alchemy Toys? Could you tell us your role in the project?

wit: Yes

Alchemy Toys is our first step in a series of planned fair “collect & play” games. In this one, you mint and collect unique NFTs (that you can freely trade as well). There are many ways to play and profit – and we want to make sure that sooner or later, everybody can do so on their own pace and with their own strategy. The idea is also that the TOY NFTs preserve a value (like a gold standard “currency”), because they symbolize the right to a part of the game treasury + they increase their value with time, because older TOYs give you a bigger chunk of the treasury.

So we have two token types, the TOY NFTS (ERC721) that you use to play, and GATs (ERC20) that you can use to stake, if you like to profit passively from the game dynamics.

We plan connected games to appear, where some of the TOYs and all GATs will have a function, too 😉

My current role in all this is in frontend development & marketing/promotion. Done.

Lola(AMA HOST): Great. A frontend Developer doesn’t sleep indeed.


Q2. How many team members do you have working with you? And can you also tell us their roles?

wit: Well, we are a software development company from Germany. Our team has worked together for more than a decade – so we know each other very well and play nicely together. There are two other members of the founding team: Roman (development) and Anne (operations & community management)

We see the project long-term as a community project though, and would like to empower the community more and more

So everybody can become a “team member”

Lola(AMA HOST): That’s good to hear.

Q3. Can you tell the Community about the staking Platform in Alchemy Toys

wit: I can

At Alchemy Toys alone there are different strategies to participate. One of them we call “becoming a shaman”. It means that you own some GATs and stake them at the temple to be able to profit passively from the game – 20% of the game treasury after each epoch goes to the shamans.

Lola(AMA HOST): Ohh good. That’s quite easy.

wit: we like to keep things simple whenever possible

Q4. Can you telll us about how  Alchemy Toys work and how people can participate?

wit: Yes, let’s see…

Alchemy Toys game allows you to play the classic alchemy game with our TOY NFTs: you can melt two TOY NFTs to get a new one of a higher value. You can stop there, or go a step further: if you manage to sacrifice (burn) all the different TOY types (127) – you get a big chunk of the game treasury paid out in BNB! (More details on alchemy toys website!)

If you fail to “win the pot” in one game epoch, you still keep all your TOYs and sacrifices for the next, and have a head start…

TOYS look like this:

Johalex, you are the best for creating these stickers! 😉


What you do is to connect your BSC wallet at (Metamask, Binance Wallet or Trust Wallet) and start minting unique TOYs. This is what we call “worship”. You “worship” at the temple by paying a small fee, and you get three random unique NFT TOYs minted.

From there, you can collect them, trade them, upgrade them or “sacrifice” them (burn), if you want to have a piece of the game treasury. There are many ways to play and to profit. And the plan is to offer many more in the near future.

Lola(AMA HOST): Is there any estimated time for this too?

wit: Honestly, it depends somewhat on how the next 1-2 months progress. There are already two rough concepts on the table that we would like to start working on – maybe in late summer

Q5.How many Partners do you have and how have they helped your Project  Alchemy Toys?

wit: We have just launched and we are a young project. Our main focus was on development and heavy testing until now. So there have not been many partnerships formed yet, apart from the great early supporters and testers that are indeed our partners and a kind of “advisory board” where we ask opinions all the time. And we value those very much.

The last days more and more request come in (different kinds) for partnerships. We will discuss them all and see what fits.

I guess the most important active partners are also our marketing partners. BSC News, BSC Daily, CryptoSlate and even CoinTelegraph. Some of these we will keep for many months to come. New ones will join, too.

so yes, it’s developing 😊

Q6. In your website, there are some features like worship, melt and Sacrifice. Can you tell the Community about these features?

wit: of course

Those are names for on-chain processes of our NFT TOY tokens.

When you “worship” you actually mint 3 random unique TOY NFTs for your wallet.

When you “melt” you actually burn two TOYs to get one TOY of a higher value (there are 7 different value-levels, each one is more difficult to get) – the result is determined by a recipe that is unique for the current game epoch.

There is more: if you manage to find a recipe that has not been tried in the current epoch yet, you receive another TOY for your effort. So in best case you get 2 TOYs for 2 TOYs, with better value.

Every epoch the recipes are reset – so it stays exciting!

A “sacrifice” is a way to burn a TOY NFT. By doing so, you get a step closer to enlightenment. If you sacrifice all 127 different TOYs you get an “enlightenment” token. That one you keep only a short amount of time, until the epoch ends. Then it is exchanged for a “Godhood” token.

At the point of the first enlightenment, any player can proclaim the end of a game epoch. Thus, becoming the “prophet” of the epoch. A prophet gets paid a small amount of BNB for his/her service.

It is all actually quite simple – I am aware that it may sound a bit confusing at first 😉


Haha yes you’re right. The terms used. But its really a nice one

Q7. Can you give us the Breakdown of the Temple’s Treasury that is unlocked to reward the enlightened, the shamans and the prophet in simple terms?

wit: You see, the idea of a fair “collect & play” game is that all value (except network transaction fees) flows back to the participants. All fees collected for specific actions: “worship” and “melt”, as well as trading fees from the upcoming NFT Marketplace go into the game treasury – making all TOYs and all GAT stakes more valuable.

When a new game epoch starts, the winner(s) of the last epoch get 64% of the game treasury, proportional to how old the sacrificed TOYs were. In extreme cases, if there are several winners, but one of them sacrificed a very old collection of TOYs, he/she would get almost everything. That is why older TOYs are more valuable!

The prophet receives 1% for his/her “proclamation” service.

20% are distributed proportionally among the shamans, who had their stakes unchanged for a whole epoch (you can lock/unlock GATs any time, but you have to keep them untouched one whole epoch, if you want to profit from it)

15% of the game treasury remain in the game, as an incentive, to keep the game attractive.

All that is paid in BNB currency. No nonsense layers of other tokens. We wanted to decrease the pressure to sell.

Currently we have 45+ BNB in the treasury, so the winner(s) would get 29+ BNB in the first epoch

if it ended now

Lola(AMA HOST): Wow! 29+ bnb? That’s 😎😎

wit: by the way, we calculated the shaman’s APY right now is more than 200% (considering the average paid price), all paid in BNB and not a sh*t-coin

and the game is not that popular yet – we have just launched! and GATs are very rare

(no financial advice 😉 )


Lol. Ok

Q8. Can you tell us why you chose to postpone the Alpha Launch of the NFT marketplace?

wit: yes

We already had a functioning NFT Marketplace “Minted Vodka” on the testnet. However, it has been decided to launch something far more stable and powerful. So we concentrated on launching the game first.

Minted Vodka will have features that no other marketplace can offer. Trading, filtering, searching – they all will be highly flexible (you can use it for all ERC721 NFTs minted anywhere, not just TOYs).

Instead of releasing something tiny and half-baked, we would rather postpone several weeks, but launch a “monster”.

We actually think that it will be able to compete with any open NFT Marketplace out there, very excited about it!

good things take time

Lola(AMA HOST): Ohh yeah. We hope to see more from Alchemy Toys

wit: You will 😊

Q9. What are the major challenges of Alchemy Toys and how do you intend to solve them?

wit: To be honest the biggest challenge, as with most projects, is the marketing.You can have the greatest product – but you still need to reach your audience. You can get lucky sometimes, but mostly it is hard work. We are prepared for a marathon, though, as we have not approached this project as a sprint in the first place.

So there is a continuous effort in that sense – the whole team is involved

like doing AMAs in the middle of the night 😉 (I enjoy it , though!)

and a big chunk of the funds goes into the marketing direction, too.

long-term technology will convince the most. And we are quite strong on that front

Q10. Share with us all the links about Alchemy Toys so that readers can find out more and also follow the development of the project.

wit: yes, let me copy-paste that one…


Website / Landing Page:




Discord (most discussion is there):

Medium (Blog):

Q11. Lastly our favourite question, do you have any alpha or juicy news for us in BSC News today?

wit: Well… There are quite a few things going on, but some of them are not ready or not ready for announcement yet. There will be news in the coming weeks that’s for sure!

One thing that I can probably disclose is that we will go a step further with the NFT Marketplace, to create an additional use-case for GATs. So that you will be able to profit more directly from the trading there, too, if you have GATs to stake.

Lola(AMA HOST): Thanks for your answers Wit.

wit: Was my pleasure!

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