Aircoins monthly token melting program

Aircoins has announced that they have burned a total amount of 10% of the total supply so far (according to the current market cap worth roughly 1M usd dollars). The token melting program will play an important role in interesting market improvements for the AIRX Coin. Now that AIRX is available on multiple blockchains it is a wise decision from the Aircoins team to consider total supply reduction.

It is not said that all projects that consider a token reduction are able to improve their market stability, however as we have seen from the Aircoins project they continue to book great results and they are one of the rough diamonds that has a solid use case, yet is still waiting to getting noticed by the mass crowd.

Keeping in mind that the Aircoins App has had some major updates the past few months with a rapidly growing community we are noticing that Aircoins is slowly getting to the right side inside the blockchain industry.

What is the Aircoins Token Melting Program?

More information about the first round of the Aircoins Token Melting Program can be found below

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