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Introduction of the aircoins app is an AR (Augmented Reality) platform that rewards its users in the form of cryptocurrency. It’s basically an environment based on a mobile app where coins are scattered by utilizing geolocation across the globe. It means that it’s an augmented reality gaming experience where players need to find and collect the coins like a treasure hunt. The main goal of the platform is to bring a new digital experience while educating people about cryptocurrency in a unique, interactive, and fun way.

In order to bring this innovative platform to users, has partnered with over 30 exchangeable altcoin partners in order to motivate people to grow decentralized economies. has already created a wide network of users by literally spawning millions of coins in the game that users can treasure hunt in AR.  

Currently, the development team behind the platform is working on the options and features that will allow the gamers to purchase in-app coins and other upgrades. Once you download the app on your smartphone, a collection of different tokens is distributed that you can find. 


The demand for mobile games is increasing dramatically and there is no technology that provides a better experience than AR. That’s why has chosen this technology. Currently, it’s serving gamers around the globe as the largest coin AR app in the whole world. It supports more than 50 blockchain digital assets and you can earn rewards based on real-time location.

The positive impact of is pretty visible on the gaming community as the application currently has 4.5/5 ratings on iOS (App Store) and 4/5 ratings on Android (Play Store). The native token of is AIRx that users can use while gaming. Moreover, the currency is based on the Ethereum platform which is available in the game and over 90 million AIRx are already sold for in-app upgrades. 

Another unique functionality that has introduced for the very first time is virtual space advertisements. It’ll help the commercial clients a great deal who can purchase bulk crypto packages in order to advertise their business in the AR for the gamers to see. 

These are some of the features that make unique and different as it is a brand-new concept to the AR gaming and Blockchain realms. The following are some of the most significant features of the app that users can enjoy.

Maps and Treasure Location: users can earn location-based rewards along with the hidden treasures

Gaming, Digital collectibles, NFT: The application offers geo battles, in-app upgrades, personalized and customizable avatars, and NFT collectibles

Advertising: the application is capable of driving foot traffic by placing fan-based tokens, music, coupons, and rewards

AR, NFT, Digital Lands, Token Comics is an effective platform because it provides the users with an environment that never existed before. Not only does it offer an attractive and innovative experience, but it also brings together several crypto projects in a single place (AR) to the end-users. In AR while gaming, other application users can see your crypto assets, and they can also collect and share them with their circle. 

Currently, there are 18 billion AIRx tokens (9 billion ERC20 + 9 Billion BEP20) with the first Aircoins token burn valued at $1 Million was conducted recently on April 1st, 2021 and with many monthly “Melts” to come. With capped supplies and a great token growth strategy, there will never be more AIRx created, other than that found in the App in AR and its demand is continuously increasing day after day as the number of players grow around the world. For the time being, AIRx is the most easily found and collectible coin in the game but there are chances that it soon will become rare. The best thing about the application is that it’s totally free to download. However, while playing games, you can purchase upgrades with AIRx to unlock more achievement and to progress faster. 

There are many great features to come in the app including earning NFT collectibles and transferring it to your personal wallet. Buying and selling digital land with AIRx and that that you’ll own on the blockchain. Being able to grade your Avatar, In-Game Tools, swap them with other digital assets, and purchase gift cards. NFTs, digital collectibles, and gaming environments that are based on blockchain are rapidly gaining popularity and momentum. offers the users an easy and brand-new way to interact and it’s on its way to change the landscape of the decentralized blockchain gaming world.


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