AirCash Leads Voting at “Revelation” Event

The BNB Chain global hackathon saw AirCash take control of the votes after a strong showing.

AirCash Leads the Vote

AirCash is now ranked at the top on the official BNB website in the community voting session of the DoraHacks “Revelation” global hackathon event. AirCash was recognized at the Hackathon event which was held on April 17th in Delhi, India.

There are also community volunteers from all around the world taking part in additional offline and online events. 


DoraHacks’ Revelation

DoraHacks is a global hackathon organizer as well as one of the most active multi-chain Web3 development communities on the planet. Dora, as a pioneer in the global hacker movement, provides crypto-native toolkits to assist developers all over the globe in raising money for their ideas and BUIDLs.

Dora’s infrastructure has already been used by over 30 major blockchain ecosystems for quadratic fundraising, community contribution, hackathon, reward distribution, and community governance. The DoraHacks community’s 2,200 projects have garnered more than $20 million in grants and contributions from supporters throughout the world.

About BNB Chain

BNB Chain is a blockchain powered by BNB that is community-driven, decentralized, and immune to censorship. It is made up of BNB Beacon Chain and BNB Smart Chain (BSC), both of which are EVM compatible and allow for a multi-chain environment.

BNB Chain’s MetaFI idea seeks to develop the infrastructure to support the world’s parallel virtual ecosystem. The BNB Chain Global Hackathon event “Revelation” opened for global applications on March 21st. Prizes totaling more than $10 million are up for grabs. 

About Revelation

Revelation is a 50-day school provided by BNB Chain and DoraHacks, the world’s largest multi-chain developer incentive platform. With the most notable Web 3.0 players supporting and giving worldwide resources, Revelation is more than just a venue to compete for prizes and seed cash; it’s also a stage for exhibiting your developer ability to the rest of the globe. In addition, throughout the course of the 50 days, it will hold a number of in-person meet-ups and online tech classes.

With the goal of funding the perpetual hacker movement, BNB Chain and DoraHacks have created Revelation as the first in a quarterly series of worldwide hackathons. The series will kick off a global push for the community to construct initiatives that will contribute to the fast-growing ecosystem of the BNB Chain. Revelation, being a multichain-friendly environment, encourages projects based on all chains to submit for the hackathon!

For project submission, BUIDLers must contact DoraHacks for verification and give a legitimate, reachable TG/Discord contact. The major review resource is the BUIDL page. Participating projects must give thorough project and team details, as well as at least one social media URL (Twitter/Facebook, etc.) and a Github link.

Revelation Details

Listed below are some other importance of being a part of  Revelation:

● Connect with multichain BUIDLers as well as notable crypto startups and enterprises. 

● Increase the awareness of your team through the DoraHacks website and live project demo sessions; winners will also receive media attention and interviews!

Hackathon Timeline of Events

Opening Ceremony: March 21th

Project Submission: March 21st – May 5th

Community Voting: April 20th – May 5th

Judge Voting: May 5 to May 9th

Grand Finale: May 10th, Wednesday (virtual)


Projects built on all chains can apply for Revelation Hackathon and 6 tracks have been put in place to accommodate projects of all kinds.

Disruptive DeFi

With over 2 billion people still unbanked, it’s critical to provide financial services that work for everyone, regardless of ethnicity, socioeconomic standing, or citizenship. Revelation will recognize breakthrough DeFi products that offer unique and appealing financial solutions to the public. If you want to develop highly compatible DeFi Legos, DeFi 2.0 (AMM, enhancers, extenders, derivatives), and advanced DeFi like liquidity staking, Everlasting options/Perpetual options, Option Vaults, Structured Product, Fixed income, strategy factory product, and Stream Pay.

Innovative Infra

MetaFi, like any other business, needs a high-performance, dependable, and robust infrastructure to function properly. As a result, Revelation seeks hackers who create secure and high-speed Web3 infrastructure, scaling and interoperability solutions for BNB Smart Chain App SideChain, zero-knowledge proof tools and zk powered applications, digital ID & naming services, Web2 API & tooling for Web3, and EVM standards & optimization.

Frontier Tech

Revelation is about investigating the unknown as well as the usual crypto regions. We welcome teams working on innovative blockchain-based solutions to solve critical problems in frontier fields such as quantum computing and space, space governance, smart blockchain implementation in quantum software, and creative integrations that explore other frontier technologies such as healthcare or artificial intelligence.

NFTs, GameFi and the Metaverse

Artists, inventors, gamers, and collectors play a major role in the crypto movement. Revelation thus requires teams working on enhanced GameFi infrastructure and technology, as well as solutions that connect Web2 games to Web3. Gaming is also one of the core themes of Revelation, and we’re seeking for GameFi with long-term tokenomics in genres including MMORPG/Strategy, DeFi Gamification, FPS (Shooting), Action-Adventure/Adventure RPGs, Sports, and Simulation. Apply if you’re producing NFT data analytics tools and APIs, NFT tooling that facilitates the quick launch of NFT projects, or innovative NFT initiatives with a unique pitch to help the gaming and artists ecosystem. Furthermore, Revelation is open to initiatives that transform how we use social media, as well as breakthrough SocialFi projects that enable the creative economy, fan interaction, user-generated content, and community/social engagement.


Because Web3 will be decentralized, Revelation will require teams that are focused on this area of innovation as well. A decentralized future requires disruptive DAOs and DAO-as-a-Service, DAO operating systems and tooling for treasury and governance, decentralized government (dGov) infrastructure, and, last but not least, the evolution of DAO in the form of DAO 2.0: Creative Designs & MediaDAO, VentureDAO, SocialDAO, and so on.

Blockchain for Good

With the globe in upheaval, we must not lose sight of the need of developing instruments for good causes that will improve the lives of people who are less fortunate. Revelation will reward builders that focus on trustless fundraising, contribution infrastructure and apps, decentralized credit & ID systems for people, decentralized information and education applications, and creative Web3 implementation of conventional industries like agriculture and energy.

How Quadratic Voting Works in Revelation

Revelation is a Quadratic Financing Grant Hackathon with a prize pool that will be given according on the quadratic funding findings. When a project is popular among voters, it is more likely to get more matching funds from the prize pool.

What is AirCash?

AirCash aspires to be the finest alternative for transferring crypto currencies in and out. It claims to be one of the first and largest decentralized crypto-fiat OTC trading platforms. AirCash allows users to purchase and sell crypto using fiat money in a decentralized wallet, and also offers a fascinating ecosystem of products and features:

Easy to Use

Users can buy and sell crypto directly with fiat money in a wallet, eliminating the need for an exchange.

No Identity Verification

No KYC, no accounts, and no personal information is required to allow full anonymity.

Security and Privacy

Traders get in touch through a peer-to-peer messenger. In other words, no one knows the details of your trading except yourself.

Decentralization and DAO

All trading takes place on the blockchain and there is a DAO for decentralized governance that has been built.

Where to find AirCoin DAO Labs and AirCash:

AirCoin DAO Labs

AirCash Website





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