AI-Powered ZenithSwap Goes Live with Hype and Over-Subscription

ZenithSwap is built on Arbitrum and offers AI-powered rebalancing, low gas fees, fast transactions, and increased liquidity on its platform.

The ‘ChatGPT’ of DEX

ZenithSwap, the first project incubated by Arbitrum Pad, held its $ZSP token public sale on March 29, which sold out quickly. 

“ZenithSwap is a protocol that is intended to be driven by the community, and launching the $ZSP token is a critical step in achieving that goal,” the ZenithSwap team said.

The public sale aimed to raise 35 $ETH and list with a market cap of $55k. $ZSP was sold in two batches – batch 1 started at 2:30 PM UTC for $ARBPAD Stakers, and batch 2 started at 2:40 PM UTC for ViralSweep Winners.

The snapshot for the whitelist nominees was taken at 1:30 PM UTC. The allocation structure for the public sale is as follows:


The protocol commenced its whitelist registration event on Arbitrum Pad on March 15, with guaranteed allocations offered to $ARBPAD stakers. According to ZenithSwap, the listing of $ZSP will happen on March 30, 2:30 PM UTC.

ZenithSwap dubbed the ChatGPT of DEX for its AI yield farm, has recently gained some popularity. Their whitelist event was 130X over-subscribed, with 4000 people applying for it. 

According to ZenithSwap, users can access and use its AI-powered yield farm at any level, including seasoned investors and those new to DeFi. The ZenithSwap platform will enable users to provide liquidity directly, while a monitoring function provides insight into some of Arbitrum’s major protocols. Users can make decisions while managing risk based on multiple recommendations on where to find the most profitable farms.

Aside from that, the DEX also offers AI-powered rebalancing, low gas fees, fast transactions, and increased liquidity. ZenithSwap also had its audit completed recently by InterFiNetwork

What is ZenithSwap:

ZenithSwap aims to transform the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem with a multifaceted approach that combines mining pools, farms, and DEXs. The platform provides investors a one-of-a-kind opportunity to pool their assets, participate in yield farming, and trade tokens in a fully decentralized exchange.

Furthermore, ZenithSwap seeks to differentiate itself from other DeFi protocols by combining the best features of DeFi, such as mining pools, farms, and DEX, to create a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for investors seeking convenience and efficiency.

Learn more about ZenithSwap:

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