Age of Tanks – Working Towards a New Era in the Play-to-Earn Arena

The project seeks to build engaging gameplay and a fleshed-out economic ecosystem for its community.

Playing to Earn

As NFTs and GameFi gain greater awareness, it should not surprise us that conceptions of the Metaverse for most within the crypto community are centered around GameFi and the “Play-to-Earn” concept. 

The “Play-to-Earn” sector has till date attracted tremendous investment and interest, with some of the more popular examples, such as Axie Infinity, gathering millions in monthly revenue and have witnessed an exponential increase in the value of their tokens since inception.

However, the current development has only just begun and as with all new concepts and technologies, there are still kinks to work out. While there are still many challenges that lie in the way, we should look at the Play-to-Earn sector’s development as an ongoing journey where new developments and projects will rise to offer solutions to issues faced, enabling the entire sector to further grow and develop as a whole.

Where Play-to-Earn Falls Short

One major issue that the Play-to-Earn sector is currently facing is their focus on making money and token prices at the expense of actually building an excellent game and incentivizing their users.

The consequence of such a focus has led to the dilemma of losing users once the price of their tokens drops sharply, something which is inevitable given the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies. 

In fact, with the ongoing crypto bear market, only truly outstanding Play-to-Earn projects that focus on the game and incentivizing their users, will stand out after the bubble bursts. Such projects will be the projects that will drive Play-to-Earn toward the next stage of its development. The Age of Tanks team believes they are one of these projects!


How Age of Tanks is Different

Age of Tanks is a project that truly focuses on their gameplay and incentivizing their users instead of short-term token prices. A rather noteworthy point is that while most of the game modes in the current Play-to-Earn market are relatively simple, Age of Tanks’ gameplay differentiates itself by not having boring and monotonous gameplay. Some of its game mechanics such as monthly competitions, whereby top-ranking players stand to win attractive prizes such as $A.O.T, limited edition parts/tanks, and more makes the project exciting for gamers.

In addition, Age of Tanks also places a strong emphasis on incentivizing its community, something which it seeks to do by going far beyond providing players with a play-to-earn income stream. It seeks to build a comprehensive economic ecosystem that is capable of providing community members with additional earnings through Staking, trading of NFTs at its very own marketplace and the CONCATS Academy where one can get to enjoy the game by leveraging on the tanks owned by others and earn $A.O.T at the same time.

Final Thoughts

Age of Tanks is a project that is built on maximum playability with strong financial incentives for its users. It is a gameplay and user-focused project that adopts the continuous development and improvement approach, where new features and improvements will be launched on an ongoing basis. These focuses will ensure optimal experience for its players, the team claims.

The Age of Tanks team proposes that their project will be one of the leaders in the journey toward the Metaverse of the future.

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