Age of Tanks Launch Enjoys Huge Success as Investors Reap 13x Reward

Price rise and social media growth, followed by hints of a major centralized exchange listing.

GameFi Age of Tanks Makes Impressive Start

After its initial launch, Age of Tanks has gone on to yield the kind of success that is likely to have initial investors patting themselves on the back. 

With the initial IDO price at Seedify, EnjinStarter and Metaplay set at $0.10, the peak price of $AOT which was just under $1.30 after the launch, according to CoinMarketCap, present many a chance to make a good deal of profit. That price is currently sitting at $0.60 after a fall, but seems to have settled. Whether this kind of rise can be maintained is another matter.

The team exclusively revealed to BSC News that the EnjinStarter launch sold out in just 3 minutes, while the EnjinStarter sale also saw quick investors selling out in 7 minutes. The quick sales and huge interest also brought about more players for the project:

“Over 3500 had access to our Game Demo to date! and we received NUMEROUS positive feedback and suggestions!” The team told BSC News exclusively. “Suggestions are quick to be implemented so that we can deliver the best to our players! That’s the true spirit of DAO!”


What this interest has heralded for the project is a general growth in following that has precipitated more than 30k Telegram community members, over 30k Twitter followers and the support of apparently influential YouTube crypto personalities like Alex Becker and CryptoRand. 

The project has already proudly enjoyed listing on PancakeSwap and has exclusively revealed that they are in talks with a ‘Major Centralized Exchange’ about an upcoming listing.

BSC News looks forward to following exactly what Age of Tanks manages to achieve in the near future, they remain early in their journey as a project, so, as always, make sure to execute your respective trades with caution.

What is Age of Tanks?

Age of Tanks, is a 3D turn-based strategy card game set in an immersive metaverse, where players can assemble and build their preferred tanks in order to outwit opponents and rule the battlefield. 

Inspired by successful games, such as Hearthstone and Axie infinity, the game combines the best of two worlds – a fun and exciting CCG PVE experience, a PVP competitive and social gameplay modes and activities, as well as a decentralized item ecosystem through game items as NFTs and world-building powered with DeFi elements. 

Where to find Age of Tanks:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium | Discord  

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