Advantages of the Digichain Smart Launchpad

The launch of the Digichain Smart Launchpad further strengthens the Fundamentals of the Digichain Project.

Introducing Digichain

Digichain is a Cryptocurrency project built on the BNB Chain (formerly Binance Smart Chain) network. Digichain plans to make blockchain with layer 1 technology in 2022 as part of their roadmap. Digichain ​​is founded on shared decisions and commitments by the Digichain technology team. The presence of the Digichain coin is the first step in creating a platform or system that can help user activities in the crypto world, utilizing blockchain to address user needs along with technological developments. 

The 4.0 Era was the beginning of the birth of Digichain. The project consists of a multichain wallet, Smart Launchpad, exchange, and a blockchain. The testnet of Digichain wallet was launched in December. At this time the Digichain coin/token had not yet been launched. The Digichain wallet mainnet was launched in January 2022. 

“We are not a project that doesn’t have fundamentals, so it’s very important for us to create a real business and strengthen the fundamental Digichain coin in it,” Digichain CEO Thommy Chain explained. 

Why Smart Launchpad? 

Digichain has revealed that it will launch the Smart Launchpad this March. Information obtained from Thommy Chain said that the reason it’s called Smart Launchpad is because Smart Launchpad has 3 main features with several advantages:

1. The Presale Public feature, as in general, token developers can do pre-sales on Smart Launchpad.

2. Presale Partnership feature, token developers can do pre-sales by providing requirements to presale participants, for example (to take part in the presale token A, they must hold several tokens) 

3. Business to business feature, this is an innovation feature from the Digichain team by implementing regulations in this feature, but some of these regulations have not been published by Digichain Technology, this feature will be used by tokens that will be supported by Digichain Technology itself,.Digichain technology will consider from the business sector and the good or bad impact on the Digichain Project, so not all token developers can use this feature. 

Advantages of Smart Launchpad 

The main advantage of Smart Launchpad is that it has a filtering system, where not all token developers can hold pre-sale on the Smart Launchpad. Developer launch requests will have two possibilities – accepted or rejected. If accepted, the developer can continue their pre-sale at the time they have chosen. If it is rejected, the developer will need to adjust their project to hold any pre-sales on the Digichain Smart Launchpad.

“Smart Launchpad is a big responsibility for us, that’s why we decided to equip our system with a filtering feature. Maybe it can minimize investor losses due to dirty developers,” explained Digichain CEO Thommy Chain. 

The target of Digichain is to become a top 50 CryptoCurrency in market cap. The team proposes this can happen by continuing to develop their platform, including their own blockchain titled Digi Smart Chain.

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