Advanced Crypto Strategies Goes X-Chain with First Beta Vaults

The platform’s latest developments have given it a boost in recent rankings.

Cross-Chain Vaults Go Live

Optimized yield-farming protocol, Advanced Crypto Strategies – ACryptoS, is now a cross-chain Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform. The protocol, which recently teased its expansion into Cronos Chain, launched its first beta vaults on Cronos Chain a few hours after the tease. 

As revealed by ACryptoS in a tweet on March 29, the beta vaults were set up in partnership with a Cronos Chain money market maker, Tectonic Finance. The vaults are auto-compounding and offer investors up to 16% annual percentage yield.

“When cross-chain? Now! Samurais have begun the cross-chain expedition with our first beta vault on #CronosChain for @TectonicFi. Auto-compounding vault for $CRO is live, offering 16% APY. More vaults to come soon. Stay tuned.” ACryptoS announced.


ACryptoS’ announcement graphic indicated that it was already looking beyond Cronos with its sights set on launching vaults on the Harmony blockchain. The latest updates on the protocol’s Twitter handle show that the protocol’s beta vaults are now equally live on Harmony. 

The new development activities by ACryptoS, including its integration with Coinbase Wallet, appear to have positively affected the platform’s market metrics. The platform was ranked among the top-10 BNB Chain protocols with the highest 7-day TVL figures, according to the most recent rankings by BSC Army.


Things appear to be looking good for ACryptoS. The cross-chain exposure on Cronos can begin a new journey upward as well. The Cronos Chain is accelerating quickly and can push ACryptoS even further.

What is ACryptoS

ACryptoS is a protocol that offers three basic products – a Yield Farming Optimizer in ACryptoS vaults and farms, a decentralized exchange in Acsi.Finance, and a stable coin DEX in ACryptoS StableSwap.

The first-ever ACryptoS vault went live on BNB Chain in November 2020. The protocol targets long-term investors who value stable tokenomics and careful risk management.

Where to find ACryptoS:

Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Medium | Telegram | Reddit 

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