ACryptoS Launches NFTs for GameFi Metaverse

The NFTs will come in a variety of designs and rarities, making the launch an exciting time for their community.

Here Come the NFTs

After months of development and design, ACryptoS is launching into the first chapter of their future Metaverse. With a wide range of utilities and benefits, this limited edition collection of NFTs will be on sale next week! 

The ACryptoS NFTs are designed to be part of a larger ACS Metaverse, created not just for its artistic collectability, but with utility and value in mind. Benefits range from:

Higher stats for P2E GameFi (launching 2022)

Yield farming APY boosts

Future partner token/NFT airdrops


Much more

Other than the above benefits plus using sustainable and deflationary tokenomics, the protocol is launching the NFTs with a unique minting method — “Stake to Mint”.

Stake $ACS, Mint NFTs

Instead of “buying” an NFT, you may now stake any amount into an NFT to mint it. The $ACS is staked within the NFT, and will enjoy the same benefits as the ACS Governance Core Vault, including earning protocol fees and rewards, governance voting, and yield farming boosts. 

The Anniversary Collection

Three samurais – Akira, Cori, Satoshi. Each of them have unique stats in the upcoming game. With a randomized chance of 33.33% for each character , and a limited total of 1,888 units, users will have to compete with others to be able to mint them all.

The 1st ACryptoS NFT Collection, celebrates one year of keeping user funds SAFU, with many more years to come. Users are invited to  be part of ACS history, and also be the first to own the future of ACS Metaverse.

The Ranks — Samurai, Daimyo, Shogun

Other than 3 characters, there are also 3 Samurai Ranks that can be assigned to each character NFT. The Rank of an NFT improves its utilities, giving the user additional benefits and game stats. A higher Rank NFT, such as a Rank 3 (Shogun), would give:

– Boosted game stats
– higher allocation for NFT/token airdrops
– priority sales to NFT upgrades
– exclusive game items, etc.

In order to get a higher Rank, users will have to stake a larger amount of ACS in the NFT. The highest 88 staked amount gets Rank 3, the next 800 staked amount gets Rank 2, and the final 1,000 gets Rank 1.

There will only be 88 Rank 3 NFTs in this collection, making them extremely rare and valuable.

Stake to Mint

Users may stake any amount into the NFT to mint it. A 12% mint fee goes to the ACS Treasurythe remaining 88% of ACS is staked within the NFT, and automatically earns fees collected from the ACryptoS protocol. With the minted NFT, users will also be able to vote with governance, and boost ACryptoS farms up to 2.5x APY. The more a user stakes, the more benefits and higher APY they’ll get! Full details can be found on the ACryptoS Medium.

Minimum stake amount: 8 ACS. Users may buy it here or farm it on the ACryptoS site. Users are guaranteed an NFT the moment they mint it. The NFT can be burnt at any time to release staked ACS + any earned yield (*burn fee applies). 

The Future Chapters — GameFi | Metaverse

Image shown for promotional purposes only. Does not reflect game graphics/mechanics.

Character NFTs – What Are They?

The GameFi for ACryptoS is in development, with one of the first scheduled for beta release mid 2022. Users will be able to play the game by just having a DeFi wallet. However, a Character NFT will give users game stats boosts, equip NFT upgrades, receive in-game airdrops and much more. 

The Anniversary Collection is a “Character NFT”-type and is a basic requirement for future NFT upgrades. These NFT upgrades are limited editions, ranging from Equipment NFTs, Vehicle NFTs, to Mecha-Suit NFTs, etc. They are highly collectable and at the same time offer power-up bonuses in-game. All these will require a Character NFT in order to equip them.

For example, you may purchase a Mecha-Suit NFT in the future, but to use the Mecha-Suit bonuses, you’ll require a Character NFT in your wallet.

A Recap of ACryptoS NFTs

P2E GameFi stats bonuses and airdrops

Partner NFT/token airdrops

Staked value in NFT that earns APY automatically

Farming boosts


Priority sales

Owning a part of the future ACS Metaverse

Character NFT is required for NFT upgrades

Higher Rank NFT gets bonus stats, additional item drops, + much more

As a summary, ACryptoS NFTs have very unique minting mechanics and tokenomics. They are essential in the upcoming GameFi, and the staked ACS in them earns platform fees and rewards, and allows users to vote, and boost farms.

Wen Mint?

The release date is in the coming week, to be announced on the ACryptoS Twitter.
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About ACryptoS & Acsi.Finance

Acsi.Finance was launched half a year ago by ACryptoS, a #SAFU Top 5 Yield Optimizer in BSC. Ever since then, it has pushed out various LP Investment Funds to help users manage their risks.

A few notable ones:
– MegaCaps Fund (BNB | ETH | BTC)
– “EVM-Killer” Fund (SOL | DOT | ADA | ETH | BNB)

Yield Optimizer App (vaults and farms) 






Overall it is vital to proceed with caution when purchasing tokens that have just been listed. For those who have not already read our articles on safety in the BSC it is crucial to reference the following items, HERE and HERE.

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