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Cryptodaily Admin: Well well well!! Here we are, back at it again with another AMA with BSCDaily Thank you everyone for supporting us and joining this AMA with Ace Inu Together with Ace Inu, I’m joined by Mera Mera – CMO

Mera Mera: Hello everyone, hello BscDaily community

Cryptodaily Admin: How are you doing man?

Mera Mera: Hey Daley, I am so good now, and you?

Cryptodaily Admin: Still holding on just fine, thank you for asking

Mera Mera: LOL

Cryptodaily Admin: Yep, troublesome market Are you all set to start the AMA Mera?

Mera Mera: Yep, I am ready right now my friend !

Cryptodaily Admin: I love the spirit!! Very much like Ace I would say

Mera Mera: I loved ACE, and i think everyone love  him too

Q1. Please introduce us to the core team members of Ace Inu! What are your past experiences with Blockchain?

Mera Mera: OK. i am ready to introduce our team

Our team had 3 core members:

Dai Enkai || CEO

Mera Mera || CMO 

Portgas D. ACE || CTO

Our CEO is a Programmer, with more than 4 years of crypto market investing. He has supported many Crypto projects in the past. The CMO (me) has been doing a great job with the marketing, I have more than 4 years of investing in the Crypto market, a lot of relationships with crypto communities/investments. Our CTO is very good at programming languages   as well as smart contracts, he has almost 10 years working in IT jobs, in addition he is the leader of Ace Inu Design Team. And many many CM, Staff, Designer, Developer,… are working in Ace Inu Project. I think when i am done the answer, i will send sticker:

Cryptodaily Admin: Ok so I guess the Team is not public at the moment then?

Mera Mera: Our team got KYC with CyberScope and if BscDaily Team need to know, we can show too

Cryptodaily Admin: Yeah we always ask projects to do KYC with us. Ok, let’s move on to knowing the project itself:

Q2. What is the Ace Inu Project?

Mera Mera: Ace Inu is a Meme project developed on #BSC with the aim of building a strong community, oriented to practical applications, entertainment in our life. As well as being built to support war victims, famine areas and charitable causes. With the mission of supporting, volunteering, donating to charity,… Ace Inu always needs the contribution and support from the community. Operating as a DAO organization based on Blockchain technology with transparency and publicity, Ace Inu will be strong in developing in the future. DEFI products like Dapp are also one of Ace Inu’s development plans. DEV Team wants Ace Inu to really do well in all stages, from technology to other factors such as community and society

Cryptodaily Admin: Ah so there’s also charitable causes with Ace Inu. I’m always in support of those projects with such humane purposes, but then, being a meme token:

Q3. Is Ace Inu project really safe?

Mera Mera: Yes, safety is the number 1 thing that investors want to know. I think Ace Inu is safe, we got an Audit and KYC by the Auditing Company CyberScope. We had many good features for investor like :

– Renounce Owner  

– Team Have No Token 

– Lock Liquidity in 1 year 

– Audit/KYC by Cyberscope 

– Low Tax 5% Buy/Sell (2% Share Hodlers, 3% Marketing)

Q4. Do you mind if we need Proof of Audit and KYC of AceInu Inu project?

Mera Mera: Sure, I can. But firstly, I want to say thanks to Cyberscope for supporting KYC & AUDIT ! About report:



Q5. What is the tokenomics of $ACE and what can we do with it?

Mera Mera: Let’s go! Project : Ace Inu – $ACE

Smartcontract: 0xB77227733b7CcC4E0c3f169D413C65a24a2141ea

Total supply : 1 000 000 000 000

Presale : 50%

Liquidity : 29.4%

Burn : 19.6%

~1% of total supply will be used to pay Unicrypt fees. Remaining tokens will be burned forever

About use cases: You can hold $ACE, because we are a legit token. Surely, in the future we will launch many plans like Dapps, Event for benefits of diamond hand $ACE (Donate Charity to take Airdrop, Buy NFT, …) We focus most on charity activities !

Cryptodaily Admin: I can’t see charity in the tokenomics though Are there any planned amount of $ACE to be given out to charity? Example: every month you spend a percentage of transaction fee to charity…

Mera Mera: Yes, we will use marketing wallet from transaction fee to charity

Q6. What are the fees when we make a transaction?

Mera Mera: Fee is so cheap, just 5% for a Buy/Sell transaction. 

– 2% for Share Hodlers 

– 3% for Marketing

As you see, Diamondhand always win, because we are using 2% tax for Sharing Holders

Cryptodaily Admin: So where does the Team gain revenue from? Or are you investing in your own project and becoming a holder yourself?

Mera Mera: Like you see, we are a community token, so we use tax fees to do charity. So I think getting profit is not the target we want

Q7. Can you describe the results of your pre-sale/fair launch?

Mera Mera: At the moment we have not listed on Pancakeswap. But we are actively marketing for the Whitelist contest event. Link to register to participate for 30 Whitelist slots:

At that time, we had a big special things for top 1-5 entries in Whitelist contest:

Top1: 1 Whitelist slot + 0.5BNB 

Top2: 1 Whitelist slot + 0.4BNB 

Top3: 1 Whitelist slot + 0.3BNB 

Top4: 1 Whitelist slot + 0.2BNB 

Top5: 1 Whitelist slot + 0.1BNB

About Presale in Unicrypt:

$ACE will be listed after we got HardCap in Presale ILO

Q8. Tell me about the achievements of your marketing campaigns,… and something like that you have done in the past!

Mera Mera: About the preliminary results $ACE has achieved in recent days: We have marketed $ACE to more than 50 large/small crypto communities worldwide, run ads/banners on popular coinlist websites with hundreds of thousands of visits per day. But the pumping time is the future, i promised with that

Q9. What are your plans for marketing campaigns next time?

Mera Mera: We have reached an agreement to work with a very large crypto community, which you can view on our website: I think some investor don’t trust us about partnership marketing in the website But, stay tuned and let’s see

Next time, we will focus on working with KOLs in Tiktok, Twitter, Telegram, Youtube…

Q10. When will $ACE list on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko as well as CEX exchanges?

Cryptodaily Admin: I think this is what holders want to know the most

Mera Mera: Yes, i knew it Listing on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko is the first thing we thought, we will list $ACE as soon as possible because we are ready for the fast_track listing service About CEX, we had many invites to list, so we are planning to collaborate with them and i think $ACE will be listed on some CEX soon! Hope to see you guys will support us !

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Ace Inu

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Mera Mera: Yes, I have. I want to say thanks to BscDaily and Ace Inu members. If you have any questions about the Ace Inu project, don’t be shy to come with our Global chat and ask, we will answer all

Here are our Global chat:

Welcome to Ace Inu Community! We are nice too! Many thanks to Daley for helping us !

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you Mera for being here with us and introducing us to Ace Inu On behalf of the BSCDaily community, we wish you success, best of luck on your journey ahead! Take care man!

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