Aboat- Next Generation Online Entertainment

The Aboat team seeks to build an entertainment ecosystem that harnesses the power of blockchain technology and the freedoms it offers.

The Aboat Mission

With Aboat, we want to build a complete ecosystem around entertainment, which will encompass podcast, gaming, music and video streaming. The entertainment industry will be connected with the unique world of cryptocurrency and offer everyone access to all entertainment media. The service will be completely free of charge, regardless of nationality, religion or gender. Aboat is a token which is connected to the BEP-20 network Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The transaction cost for outgoing transactions varies between 1-5% depending on how many tokens a wallet has. 

Our first product will be Talkaboat, a podcast platform that offers podcasters free hosting, more visibility, stronger community integration, and many other services. We provide a reward system where podcasters and listeners will be rewarded with the Aboat token by providing podcasts or listening to them. As podcasts are listened to often via apps, we are in the process of developing the Talkaboat app as well as smart device integration which is scheduled to enter beta in early 2022. This will allow additional Aboat tokens to be earned for listening on the go or via smart devices such as Alexa. 

In addition to pure rewards, we are working on various community events that will give podcasters more exposure and the community some entertainment. Aboat will also enable the purchase of premium content to support content creators and development in the future. 

Staking and Farming

In addition to listening to podcasts, a Yield Farming and Staking option will be integrated into the platform. This has a unique coding, whereby the expected rewards are set in relation to the course. If the Aboat price falls, it is lowered. This causes deflation and rewards all investors when holding and investing more. We make no distinction between small and large investors. The reward variation is limited to 2.5% per day. 

It will also be possible to donate your rewards from yield farming, staking and listening to podcasts to your favorite podcasters. This way you can support creators in the production of content. 

Future Plans

Currently, the developers are working hard to turn the vision for Talkaboat into reality. There is both experience and dedication present in the members of the team, suggesting the brightness of their future.

The private presale of the Aboat token is scheduled to start on September 19th. Here you will have the opportunity to purchase Aboat tokens at a very affordable price. To participate in the presale, interested parties must register in the whitelist. 

The Talkaboat idea is unique, with the potential to see similar success to NFTs (or maybe even more). The arena is still unexplored and Aboat seeks to unveil a new universe of entertainment and earning.

Follow Talkaboat as they move forward and continue to develop. 




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Source : bsc.news

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