ABI Galaverse: A Community-Driven GameFi and P2E Platform

ABI Galaverse is a GameFi backed by ABI Game Studio, which is projected to bring up a slew of new GameFI development opportunities

What is ABI Galaverse?

ABI Galaverse is a community-driven GameFi platform that has a decentralized exchange and an NFT marketplace in it. Furthermore, the platform is backed by ABI Game Studio, which has published more than 200 game titles over 10 years in the industry

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“ABI Galaverse implements the innovative ABI tokenomics that combines finance and game and uses the best of DeFi and NFTs to create a truly unique and everlasting FREE TO PLAY, PLAY FOR FUN, PLAY TO EARN ECOSYSTEM,” as per the whitepaper.

The platform provides a number of ways via which players can earn while playing the game or taking part in the ABI Galaverse. Moreover, the players can even earn money when they are not playing the game. 

Main Features

The main features of the platform include:

Sustainability: The game is developed on a solid system

Synchronization: Games in the ABI Galaverse can be synchronized with each other

Openness: The game development community can take part in the development of NFTs/Games

Similar economic system: assist players in their quest for financial gain

Supportability: support the specification and ecosystem

Ownership via NFTs

All of the items crafted, looted, or equipped by the players in the game will remain under the ownership of the user with the help of NFTs. It is also important to note that these NFTs are based on 2 standards: ERC-721 and ERC-1155. 

“These standards allow items to be unique, have value, and be transferable throughout the blockchain ecosystem. Players will even be able to sell their NFT assets on decentralized marketplaces such as OpenSea or Rarible. True ownership is now possible for gamers,” said the announcement.

Governance (DAO)

As confirmed in the whitepaper, the ABI Galaverse uses a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) which is enabled through the $ABI governance token.

“$ABI develops synergy between the community and the team and allows a community-driven model for decision making,” said the whitepaper.


ABI Galaverse will generate passive revenue for a limited time in its early stages through staking and yield farming pools. It is also to be noted that as much as 15% of the max supply will be held in the ABIVault. Moreover, by adding liquidity, you can stake LP tokens received to earn $ABI tokens

First Game

The first game that is coming out is GAR or Galaxy Attack: Revolution. GAR was developed by more than 130 members of ABI Game Studio to support the project for releasing the game and operating the economic flow of the game right after IDO. GAR has a Free to Play, Play for Fun and Play to Earn ecosystem targeted for mass users.

Source: Whitepaper

The website has highlighted the selection of this game as the first: 

“It is built up from the base of our successful Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter. There are multiple reasons for this choice. Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter has over 150 million downloads worldwide and more than 2 million active users,” said the website.


Following are the gaming modes: 

Campaign: 3 spacecraft will start the battle with 7 waves of enemies, and the battle will be over when ships are destroyed, or players’ ships are destroyed.

PVP: There will be seasons held, and each will run for 28 days. 

Tournament: Held during the day within a specific timeframe, and each player has 1 hour to register.

Idle: Players will receive resources while offline. The number of resources received depends on campaign level and spaceships’ Hash Power.

World Boss: Game mode in which all players compete and calculate points; the more damage the boss, the better the ranking; the boss battle is an uphill task requiring proper formation and strategy. The top players will get valuable in-game rewards, which are scheduled to be available at a specific time each week.


Spaceships are a vital component of the first game, and there are 10 of them. In the images below, you can find more details about these items:

Source: Whitepaper

Source: Whitepaper
Source: Whitepaper
Source: Whitepaper


Each spaceship has 7 crafting times. Crafting requires 2 spaceships of the same type and a number of tokens. If you want to craft over the 7-time limit, the token consumed will increase much more. Crafting time is 7 day. After every research, crafting price will go up, success rate for upgrading class and grade will also increase.


Percentage chance of spaceship upgrading to the next class, components inheriting parent characteristics and upgrading to higher grade are as follow:

Inheritance: 75% from parents or keep the same class

Mutated inheritance Type 1: 20% components inheriting from parents’ class will be upgraded to next grade

Mutated inheritance Type 2: 5% components inheriting from parents’ class will be upgraded two grades.

GAR Token

This is the in-game token of the first game and can be earned via the following:

Collect NFTs

Playing in Event, Tournament, Campaign, World Boss, Idle and PvP Mode


Source: Website


Source: Website


ABI Galaverse Ecosystem has a fully Integrated Marketplace, which is a decentralized exchange where users can buy and sell NFTs items and seamless integration to game inventory. Moreover, users can earn in a number of ways via the GameFi platform and even gain access to a number of rewards. 





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