A Tour Around the GunStar Metaverse

This blockchain game shoots out nostalgia for players who like turn-based artillery games

Ready. Aim. Fire.

Gamers looking for a new project to play might want to check out Gunstar, a turn-based artillery shooting PlayAndEarn project on BNB Chain.

Old school gamers get a nostalgia hit by playing this game. As an artillery shooting game, GunStar is heavily influenced by popular games of the past that also belong to the same genre. Worms and Gunbound are two games that GunStar draws inspiration from, a fact that the team explicitly mentioned on their whitepaper.

“Gunstar, a game inspired by Worms / Gunbound games, is an exciting Play & Earn game for gamers,” GunStar says in its whitepaper. “[The game] will also imbue players with the experience of reality-based adventures, something that goes beyond what a mere tactic game usually offers. Enthusiasm, thrilling anticipation while playing are core to allure customers’ interest.”


The game is FreeToPlay as there is a free pet players can use in order to start interacting with the game. However, players also have the option to purchase a pet off of their marketplace as well.

A single pet is enough to access the campaigns, but players need to form a team of three pets in order to play other contents, like the boss raids, in the game. Pets need to be migrated from users’ wallets into the game before they can be used for gameplay.

Each pet has a unique set of three skills that fire projectiles towards their opponent. Weather conditions change throughout the course of the game, so players need to strategize based on the current environment of the battlefield to find the right power and angle to hit their enemy.

The time limit adds pressure to the player to make the correct move as soon as possible. A player can continue playing as long as they still have tickets available and their pets still have energy charges left. Both tickets and energy refill as the day goes on.


$GSC tokens is the game’s utility token, and is won from gameplay. It is mainly used to upgrade any NFT pet users have bought, and to purchase items from the fortune wheel that can be used to the player’s advantage in-game. The project’s governance token, $GST, is mainly used for governance, staking, and as a marketplace currency. Players looking to purchase a pet can acquire $GST from PancakeSwap

According to the game’s roadmap, the team is prioritizing the release of PvP gameplay, a chat system, and a pet renting system for Q2 of 2022. A scholarship system, mobile gameplay release, and cosmetic NFTs are what the GunStar community can expect from the team in the next half of the year.

Check out GunStar’s website for more details about the project.

What is GunStar:

GunStar is a turn-based artillery shooting PlayAndEarn blockchain game built on the BNB Chain. Players need to strategize based on the current weather conditions and the terrain of the battlefield in order to defeat their opponent. Pets have a unique set of three skills players need to master in order to properly fire projectiles at their enemies. The game draws great inspiration from classic games like Gunbound and Worms.

Website | Twitter | Discord | Whitepaper

Source : bsc.news

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