A Stable Tour Around DeRace’s Hippodromes

DeRace Hippodromes are composed of 10,000 individual NFT tokens, each representing a part of the ownership of the entire Hippodrome.

What is DeRace

Horse Racing enthusiasts will enjoy the whole ecosystem that DeRace has to offer. DeRace is a horse racing simulation PlayToEarn GameFi project allows players to breed, trade, and bet on Non-fungible Token (NFT) racehorses. Taking it a step further, the game also allows you to own part of the stadium where these horse races take place in their metaverse.

Be Your Own Bookmaker

DeRace allows its players to be their own bookmaker by owning part of the 10,000 individual NFT tokens that comprise each of the DeRace Hippodromes. 

“All horse races take place in hippodromes! Also, hippodromes are owned and controlled by bookmakers,” Founder and CMO Adele told BSC News during an AMA in September 2021. “NFT hippodromes: consist of 10 000 NFT tokens, you can own all of it or half of it. The person who has 50% of the hippodrome controls the races, all owners share profit from races and bets.”


Owning more than 5000 tokens of a single Hippodromes constitutes majority ownership and grants that player administrative rights to the horse races in the hippodrome. 

These majority owners are called Bookmakers. Bookmakers control entry fees and prize funds for the races that occur in their hippodrome. 

“Bookmakers make a profit from fees and bets made before the race,” Adele said in the AMA. “We allow players to become bookmakers by owning hippodromes and hosting their own races for profit.”

Hippodromes have levels depending on the activity and engagement they get. The more races taking place in a hippodrome, the higher its level will be. 

At the first level, all hippodromes are set with the same parameters. Higher-level hippodromes unlock certain features that add variability to the races in them.

“Users can own hippodromes, make a profit out of them, upgrade them, and compete against each other,” Adele added.


Hippodromes can also lose a level if they become too inactive. Therefore, as a bookmaker, it is your responsibility to advertise your hippodrome so more players will choose to race inside it. 

They can do it by promoting their stadium channels outside the game, like social media. Hippodrome owners receive profits according to how big their ownership stake is. Each token owned is a .01% stake of ownership. 

Check out their whitepaper for more information on DeRace Hippodromes.

Where to find DeRace:

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Source : bsc.news

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